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happened, Night Eagle barely had time to shoot again at another boar attacking furiously. The explorers retreat back to the top of the rocks, where Night Eagle was standing.

The Group was surrounded by a large herd of wild boars. Between one hundred and one hundred thirty animals of all sizes, attacked the explorers. Although they could not climb over the high rocks, their hate and frightened the explorers. Awakened Jaguar gave the order not shot at them, because it seemed that the death of their companions and the frustration of not being able to reach them was what maintained the animals aggressive. They roared loudly and in a defiant attitude, they ran against the rocks, knowing that they could not climb and that they could be killed easily.

Awakened Jaguar prepared his men to spend the night at the top of those rocks. All night the ferocious animals continued crashing against the rocks. Their cries of rage kept the explorers awake overnight. When the morning came, they thought that the animals would go away, but strangely they remained, still determined to finish the men. The wild boars seemed prepared to stay there forever, until they got the explorers down. Some left and others returned, but the fact is that they were permanently surrounded by at least 50 animals. Some were laying down on the grass, others, the more aggressive tried to climb the rocks, challenging the presence of the men. What they did not stop doing was screaming and shouting so loud and annoying, that the men began to lose control.

They had been for four days and their nights on top of these rocks and surrounded by the stubborn animals, it seemed that they were ready to kill them in any way possible. They knew that time was on their side and knew what they were doing. The fifth day a big storm started in the afternoon. The stream became a river with a large flow of water. The wild boars were