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D A A N Y B E É D X E.


The majestic roar of the waves that struck rocks of the cliff awoke Night Eagle. He was on a rocky ledge; the immense blue sea was below.

The Warrior was waking up from a deep sleep. As a distant and vague fantasy, was the memory of Fire Jaguar and his expedition partners in the southern jungles; Night Eagle opened his eyes in Acajutla at the top of a cliff. A quasi memory of a night flight over the coast quickly vanished from his mind. He had conflicting and confusing feelings wrapped him in a heavy fog, which did not allow him to think clearly. Only his body vibrated with the shivering need to find his home.

A profound feeling ran through his being. The urgent needs to encounter his identity, to know his origins, recognize his own face and his true heart, dragged him defenseless to the deepest crisis.

Was not prepared to die nor live; without having found the truth. Knowing his personal history, as well as allowing him to understand where he was and what was he doing, was the most basic right of every human being. Without the knowledge of his past, his present did not make any sense. Without the knowledge of his past, he had no future. Without the recovery of his memory, he would never find fulfillment.