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It was the entrance to the land of the dead.

With great effort, the priests moved the slab and appeared the entrance to the cave. Night Eagle received a torch and following the instructions, of walking in these labyrinths, until reaching death, he entered the depths of the cave.

He heard the noise of the stone closing the entrance. The air was stale, a humid heat mixed with the putrid smell of corpses in decomposition state.

The echo of the slab sound provoked a very strange reaction in the body of the warrior. A sentiment took over his body, a quasi- memory began to vibrate throughout his body. He threw the torch to the ground and began to walk as if by instinct, without the need of light.

He walked for hours, between the labyrinths of the immense cave. As if his body walked in a well-known place, Night Eagle let go. His body temperature began to rise and had totally disconnected his mind. He advanced as if possessed by an energy which attracted him as a magnet to the depths of the cave.

When felt that his body was about to faint, he entered a great cavern. Although it was totally dark, Night Eagle perceived his body’s surroundings. The spacious place and the very high ceiling, made Night Eagle feel his littleness and insignificance.

In the center of the room was a rectangular stone carved on four sides. The Warrior came up and instinctively lay down in the stone. He felt his energy was exhausted and his life with it.

A kind of very strange sound began to emerge from his entire body. As a cricket song, intermittently, changed its