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He goes to his village and sees from atop the House of measure and the House of the youth; and sees himself again studying with his cousin Star serpent.

He finds his parents, working in the field and there, he sees himself, as a small boy smiling and running in the cornfield. Until he is tired and goes to perch in a tree, it is a stormy night. Lightning first and then a powerful thunder make him fly again, but it now in circles over his parents’ house, and watches the time of his birth!

At that instant Night Eagle opens his eyes and totally remembers all of his life, at that moment the warrior was fully recovered. The spirit takes control. Then there is continuity between his past and present; and recovers the possibility of his future.

A sense of sobriety and clarity wraps his heart and mind. He got up slowly. His eyes see perfectly in the darkness.

He knows they are waiting for him and goes to a tunnel hidden at the end of the room and starts walking through it. It is a tunnel dug into the stone heading west.

After many hours walking, the tunnel begins to ascend slowly, until he reaches a chamber, with a flight of stairs and begins a long climb.

Little by little, sun light begins to enter the tunnel, the exit is close. Night Eagle finds steps carved in stone, goes to a small room, at the end he sees an exit at the top and a stone stairway.