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—Remember that in the Nagual irrational world. DAANY BEÉDXE is nothing more than an accumulation of energy loads. And energy is governed by other laws.

Just as it would be impossible for large and heavy amounts of snow, go down the valleys by themselves, changing its state from solid to liquid, the go down without any problem.

Similarly, it would be impossible for large amounts of water to rise to heaven, but if its state is changed from liquid to gas, then they can do it without any problem.

The same way, the four hundred southern warriors, in the nagual world, can move with their will large amounts of energy.

What we will do, will be moving energy and not dirt and stones. To do this you need to stop perceiving the world as a set of objects and transform it into what is its essence... energy!

When the Sun was at the top of the sky, the four hundred southern warriors began to arrive. One by one assembled in the large square in the northern part of the main complex.

The Venerable Teacher, Star serpent, he was at the center and the four hundred warriors surrounding him began to sing an invocation which was monotonous and changed tone cyclically.

It began softly and gradually gained greater strength and vigor. The voices became one; the invocation was repeated over and over again. The Warriors danced moving the body in a rhythmic and repetitive manner.

The sky began to darken, little by little, as in an eclipse. Wind gusts whipped the mountain.