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But all the peoples including them will know that they are impostors and will live with the anguish of our return and just punishment.

When their deception becomes stronger, from the great eastern waters will arrive, wild and bloody white face and bearded invaders, which will bring in their mouths false words and in their hearts evil and ignorance. Through their hands, it will run the blood, which will shower all our land, as a great storm that had never before existed.

The barbarians of the north and the peoples they submitted and exploited, will confuse the invaders with the Feathered Serpent. These will be times of confusion, pain and blood; children will fight against parents, brothers against brothers, towns against towns. All will tear and the wild invaders through lies and greed will poison the hearts of some and will frighten the consciences of others.

The white conquerors of the Great Waters will come with lies, intrigue and greed. They will be able to seize power and illegitimate authority that the barbarians of the north; will build in less than four bundles of years. The rapacious white face murderers from distant lands, will pour our children blood in all lands and will defeat the impostors, the barbarians of the north, those who will sacrifice, faithful to their God the left-handed Hummingbird, believing that they will receive punishment for having infringed the teachings of the Feathered Serpent.

The sanguinary white invaders will try to destroy and erase from the Earth our millenary old memory and that of our impostor brothers, the barbarians of the north.

Our peoples will then live the most painful experience of our history, in which they will be treated as animals.

The white savage conquerors, in search of material wealth and in the name of a distant, confusing and sanguinary God,