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Your flight must be long and silent; you must reach the depths of the hearts of our children and their children's children.

The knowledge must be kept intact. It will be passed from mouth to ear, in a secret and unobtrusive manner. Knowledge will be covert and stalking, waiting for the time of its exciting revelation.

The Lord of fire darts had begun to enter the region of mystery. The Teacher and the student glowed; their bodies were like two small pieces of the Sun.

Night Eagle had understood in the depths of his being, the high responsibility, which the power entrusted in him through his Teacher.

The sky and the mountains where the Sun was about to hide were set on fire; clouds reflected all shades of red and orange, combined with blue and pink.

Star serpent embraced the warrior and said to his ear; -we will always be with you. He turned and went to the central part of the Hill. At the same time the Sun finished plunging in the kingdom of the Lord of death; a strong flash with a sound explosion, followed by a luminous trail rising to the depths of the sky, to become a tiny bright dot.

A stream of cold air caressed the Jaguar Mountain. In the west, the mountains were surrounded by a golden crown of light. Night Eagle raised his sight and saw the evening star, intense and bright, that seemed to speak to him.

The warrior remained still as a stone trying to hold in his eyes the brightness that was being lost under the earth.

Gradually, darkness was gripping the Valley. The Jaguar Mountain barely outlined its contour in the night.