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Be you, God, for me: mold me!
Entertain your chest, appease your heart, brighten your heart!
I come from the House of fine butterflies:
My song opens its Corolla my song: there multiple flowers:
A varied painting is my heart!
I am a singer and deploy my song!"

Night Eagle now more than ever was clear about his destiny, no longer had doubts or uncertainty; at its heart there was harmony, humility and a sense of peace, which came from the depths of his being and which attached itself to the everyday world, like a fragrant flower.

In the House of the youth time and activities were subject to strict ancient rules. However physical exercise, sports and games, had a very important place in their training.

As everything else in the community, sports and games were closely linked to the Supreme divinity and religion. Since in the year there were 20 festivities dedicated to an equal number of divinity devotions, in them especially practiced the "ball game".

The old grandparents said that the gods already played it before the creation. In the House of the youth, the basics were taught. Dawn deer was part of a five member team, with a reputation of invincible.

When youngsters played, teachers served as referees and instructors. They did so in a space that had been conditioned on the outskirts of town. But when it was played in a celebration and was part of a ritual; then were the priests, who officiated and directed the game. This was done in a building, which was next to the great temple, in the center of the square. The philosophical meaning, started from the principle that everything in the universe and life, is composed of opposite and complementary pairs that are always