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Lord; he who is everywhere. We gave only gave your life, the teachers and instructors at the House of young people helped you sprout; you now have an own face and a real heart. Today you are at the gates of this venerable institution called the House of measure. Here you have come to open your eyes and ears, so you can see and hear; here men are polished and carved, such as precious stones, here they learn to better serve the community; here you learn to become adobe, adjust your measures, here you are smoothed, here you align, to become part of the House and the Temple of the old and wise grandparents. Here it is no longer you, here you are memory of our ancestors, here you will learn to honor them and to deserve them; here you already are the best of us. Therefore act accordingly, be a worthy heir of our dead, become responsible for your fate".

At the end of the ceremony Night Eagle said farewell to his parents with emotion; with a deep nostalgia feeling overwhelmed his heart, something told him that it would be the last time he would be with his loved and dear parents.

The grounds of the House of measure were larger than the House of youth, even though lived a smaller number of people. The institution had four buildings around a square, in the center had a medium sized round shaped construction, which was dedicated to the Feathered Serpent divinity. The building used as living quarters had small cells in which teachers, priests and students lived, there was barely space for a stone stuccoed base, used for sleeping, a small wooden trunk covered with deer skin, used to keep the few personal items, the room had no windows and had a small entrance, covered with a jute curtain. In principle life was similar to the previous institution, the differences were substantive. In principle 4 boy groups were made and life evolved more towards the interior of the institution, spending much of the time to the study of life mysteries and the cult of all devotions that represented the Supreme divinity, that which had no name, nor