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institution was perfect and adjusted as count of days and yet it felt fresh and renovating.

The House of measure institution, was a higher learning school, where the elite was trained, the community fruit about to flourish, felt the "hand" of the old grandparents. Equilibrium was, according to the old grandparents, the way to perfection. The essence of beauty was balance, whether a flower, a building, a painting, or in the heart of a human being. Nature is the clearer expression of this balance. So that students learned to find balance through "measure".

When the student found the measure to balance his spirit with his matter, his reason with his intuition, his male part with his female part, his strengths with his weaknesses, achieved balance at his unifying center. He would have achieved flourishing his heart and adorn the heavenly garden of the one by whom we live".

In the House of measure the centuries-old walls emanated wisdom; every stone, every norm, each carving, there found a perfect place; the balance and harmony subtly invited students to reach the deepest center of themselves; perfect equilibrium between spirit and matter, between heaven and Earth.

One afternoon, Fire snake met with the four students and said to them:

—Young men: precious quetzal feathers, hope of our beloved grandparents; as of today, we all will be one; I will be your center for a short time. Together we will form a flower; from today we will be "Five flower". Each of you will be a petal of this magical flower; each of you will be a direction, a color, an element. The energy developed by each of you, will converge in the center, I will be there to regulate it and if appropriate to balance it. On your effort and my direction, will depend a balanced energy mix and its raise in search of bright spaces of human consciousness, location of the "Fifth" position; or