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from early ages children are taught that the good of the community, is above the individual.

Your stay in this august institution, responds to this important responsibility. That is why you are the fruit of the nopal, the tuna about to “flourish”, hence your great commitment.

On the result of your "Florid Battle", will depend you support and govern rule of our community, as the most exalted and transcendent existence aspiration. Tomorrow the flourished fruit will have to govern, administer, or become guardians of our divinities, which are forms how "He for whom one lives" is manifested, as we try to do today. So that our old grandparents memory, live in the hearts and minds of their children's children.

The words spoken by Fire snake provoked an internal explosion in the listeners. The lessons learned from early childhood, rearranged; took a more logical order. Many traditions and customs now had an explanation that was in line with the ancient wisdom. This made them feel more confident and proud of themselves and their community; closer to their land, its people and its history. While returning to the village Night Eagle was repeating an old poem in his mind, which resonated in all his soul.

"Eagles and Jaguars!
One by one we shall perish
none will remain.

Meditate it, oh warriors,
even if its Jade,
even if its gold,
will also have to go
to the place of the emaciated.

But I say: