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all; and given that you already understand, and you can reason to know and understand how the things of the world are and that in this world there is no pleasure, no true rest, but before is work and afflictions and extreme tiredness, and abundance of misery and poverty.

Listen well what I say unto you, my girl: our Lord gave us laughter, and sleep, and eating and drinking with which we grew up and live, gave us also the wonderful opportunity of reproducing ourselves; all these things give content to our life for a short time, because nobody thinks about death.

Note now and hear with serenity, here is your mother and lady, from whose belly you came out, like a stone cut from another, and engendered you as grass that engenders other, so you sprouted and were born from your mother; you've been thus far asleep, now you woke up.

It is important for you know how to live, and how you shall walk your way, because the path of this world is very difficult, and look my child, my little dove, that the path of this world is horribly difficult.

You should know you're noble, generous, consider yourself and get to know you as such; while you're a maiden, you are beautiful as jade, and were carved and sculpted of noble blood, of generous relatives, that you already understand and have discretion and use reason; look you do not dishonor yourself, see that you are not shamed, look that you do not embarrass and insult your ancestors; see to it that you do not do any vileness, make sure other people do not vile you, since you are noble and generous.

See here the rule that you shall observe to live well in this world, among the people that live in it, see that you are a women, note what you must do day and night, must pray often and sigh the impalpable and invisible God that is called "Night and wind"; beg of him with fervor, the virtue and secret of your bed and your devotion; see that