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Kerner, Professor, on use of external characters of plants, 133
on seeds found on glaciers, 366

Kingfishers illustrating divergence of character, 109


Lacerta muralis, diagram of variation of, 47

Lagopus scoticus, origin of, 107

Lamarck, on origin of species, 3

Land debris deposited near coasts, 343
and ocean, diagram showing comparative height and depth of, 345

Large animals, cause of extinction of, 394

Larvae of moths, variability of, 46

Laughers, Frill-backs, Nuns, Spots, and Swallows, 93

Law of relation of colour and nest, 278, 279

Laws of animal coloration, 296

Lawson Tait, on uses of tails, 136

Leaf-butterflies, 207

Leguminosae, rare in oceanic islands, 368

Lemuria, an unsound hypothesis, 354

Lepidoptera, variation of, 44

Leyden Museum, diagram showing variability of birds in, 61

Life, Weismann on duration of, 437 (note)

Limenitis misippus mimics Danais archippus, 248
ursula mimics Papilio philenor, 248

Linnaeus, on rapid increase of the flesh-fly, 25

Livingstone, his sensations when seized by a lion, 38

Lizards, variation among, 46
diagram of variation of, 48
sexual colours of, 281

Local colour adaptations, 199

Locusts with warning colours inedible, 267

Longicorns mimic Malacoderms, 257

Low, Mr., on effects of close interbreeding, 160

Low, Mr., on fertile crosses between sheep and goat, 162
on selective association, 172

Low forms of life, continued existence of, explained, 114
forms, persistence of, 121
temperature of tropics not needed to explain plant dispersal, 370

Lower types, extinction of, among the higher animals, 114

Lubbock, Sir John, on forms of leaves, 133
on imperfect counting of early man, 464

Lyell, Sir Charles, on variation of species, 4
on the shifting of continents, 342


Madagascar and New Zealand, 347

Madeira, wingless beetles of, 105

Maize, origin of, 98

Male rivalry, a real cause of selection, 283

Males of many animals fights together, 282

Malm, on eyes of flatfish, 129

Mammalia, variation of, 65
sexual colours of, 281, 282
afford crucial tests of theories of distribution, 353
early forms of, 407
geological distribution of, 408

Mammary glands, supposed origin of, 129

Man, summary of animal characteristics of, 454
geological antiquity of, 455
early remains of, in California, 456
probably as old as the Miocene, 457
probable birthplace of, 459
origin of moral and intellectual nature of, 461
possesses mental qualities not derived exclusively
from his animal progenitors, 474