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Useless specific characters, no proof of existence of, 141

Utriculariae inhabiting bromelias, 118


Vanessa callirhoe, small variety in Porto Santo, 106

Variability of the lower animals, 42
of the Foraminifera, 43
of sea-anemones, 43
of land mollusca, 43
of insects, 44
of lizards, 46
of birds, 49
of primary wing-feathers, 51
of wings and tail, 53
of Dolichonyx oryzivorus, 55
of Agelaeus phoeniceus, 56
of Cardinalis virginianus, 58
of tarsus and toes, 60
of birds in Leyden Museum, 61
of Sciurus carolinensis, 67
of skulls of wolf, 70
of skulls of a bear, 72
of skulls of Sus cristatus, 73
of plants, 76
of oaks, 77

Variation, Lyell on, 4
in internal organs, 66
the facts of, 83
proofs of generality of, 85
of vegetables and fruits, 86
of apples and melons, 87
under domestication accords with that under nature, 100
coincident not necessary, 127
and heredity, problems of, 410
Professor Geddes's theory of, 428
the cause of, 439

Variations of flowers, 88
of domestic animals, 88
of domestic pigeons, 89
conditions favourable to production of, 98
beneficial, 143

Varieties, importance of, 41
of same species adapted to self or to insect-fertilisation, 330

Vegetables, variation of, 86

Vegetation and reproduction, antagonism of, 428

Vertebrata, mimicry among, 261
geological succession of, 405

Vestiges of Creation, 3

Viola odorata, 2
canina, 2

Violets, as illustrating species, 2

Von Buch on species, 6


Wallace, Dr. Alexander, on absence of choice by female moths, 275

Ward, Mr. Lester F., on progressive development of plants, 398

Warning coloration, 232

Warning colours of marine animals, 265

Wasps and bees, mimicry of, 258
poisonous with warning colours, 287

Water-cress, chokes rivers in New Zealand, 24
driven out by willows, 24

Water-ouzels, probable origin of, 116

Weale, Mr. Mansel, on protective colours of butterflies, 206

Weeds of United States, 15

Weir, Mr. Jenner, on deceptive resemblance of a caterpillar to
a twig, 204
on inedibility of conspicuous caterpillars, 236
on birds disregarding inedible larvae, 254

Weismann on progressive adaptation of colours of larva, 206
on non-heredity of acquired characters, 440
and Galton's theories of heredity almost identical, 443 (note)
on origin of the mathematical faculty, (note)

Weismann's theory of heredity, 437

Westwood, Professor, on variation of insects, 44
deceived by a mimicking cricket, 259

White coloration of insular birds and butterflies, 230

Whymper, Mr., his sensations when falling on the Matterhorn, 38