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"He was very kind—oh, he's just the best man in the world! He said he knew everything, and that I needn't mind what some of the fellows might say—that he wanted me to stay——"

"Hurrah for Dr. Clay!" interrupted Phil. "I knew it. He's a man, every inch of him."

"I don't know how many of the fellows will give me the cold shoulder," continued the country boy. "But I am going to do my best not to mind them."

"And we'll help you," said the senator's son, and the others said the same.

Ben remained with Dave, but Roger and Phil soon went off. The latter did not tell why, but it was for the purpose of interviewing some of the other boys. They spoke to a dozen or more, including Sam Day, Shadow Hamilton, and Buster Beggs. On the whole, the interviews were satisfactory, although a few of the boys wanted to know more about Dave before deciding for or against him.