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DEBRETT ADVERTISEMENTS. TELEGRAPHIC ADDRESS, "FIREWORKS, LONDON." TELEPHONE, No. 9312. FIKEW3EKS. CO., SOLE PYROTECHNISTS TO THE PYROTECHNISTS AND CONTRACTORS TO H.M. GOVERNMENT (War Office) The Hon. Corporation of Trinity House. The Government of Victoria The Government of New South Wales The Government of the United States H.M. GOVERNMENT (India) The Government of Portugal The Government of Turkey Ihe Government of Siam The City of Amsterdam. Contractors to the Honourable Trinity Corporation ; for the Grand Displays at Amsterdam, before H.I.M. the German Emperor (1891), Bremen, 1891, New York Columbus Celebrations and Manhattan Beach, 1892, and almost all Cities of the World, and to Municipalities, Corporations, Yacht Clubs, Horticultural and Agricultural Societies, Noblemen, and Gentlemen. DIPLOMA OF HONOUR, LONDON, 1884. DIPLOMA OF HONOUR, ANTWERP, 1887. FIRST ORDER OF MERIT, ADELAIDE, 1887. TWO GOLD MEDALS, BRUSSELS, 1888. SILVER MEDAL, BARCELONA, 1888. BRONZE MEDAL, PARIS, 1889. Being HIGHER AWARDS thau any other Pyrotechnist. Displays of Fireworks undertaken in any part of the World, Jfor doltrert anb Stlbcr Wefrbxnys, Weddings, Home Comings, Births of Heirs, Comings of Age, Gathering's of Tenantry, Garden Parties, and ever) kind of Festivity. Illuminations by Japanese and Chinese Lanterns, Vauxhall Lamps, Electric Lights, Gas Crystals, &c. STREET, HOUSE, PARK, AND GARDEN DECORATIONS, On the largest scale by Flags, Banners, Motto Devices, &c. Specially prepared Displays, to be fired by Amateurs, sent out at shortest notice, at prices from 1 Is. to 50. Caterers for Variety Entertainments of the Highest Class. CATAI.OOUKS AND ESTIMATES POST FR K ON APPLICATION. Chief Office: SOUrifNORWOOD, LONDON, S.E. Retail D^pot^JOQ^HEAPSEDE, E,C. " We have all seen Fireworks of some kind or other, but only those who have seen Messrs. BROCK'S displays know what real Fireworks are." Aberdeen Free Press.