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DEBRETT'S ILLUSTRATED BARONETAGE. 340 Edward John, b. 1860; is V. of St. Bartholomew's, Earley, Berks: m. 1886, Nina Catherine, da. of the Rev. Edward Sturges, R. of Wokingham, Hugh Littelton, b. 1863, Rev. Francis Lushington (of Pekin), b, 1864 ; is Chaplain to Bishop of N. China. Residettce, 2, Brandon Villas, Bristol. Grandson of the late Rt. Hon. Stephen Lushington, M.P., D.C.L. (ante) : Issue of the late William Bryan Lushington, Esq., b. 1824, d. 1888 : m. 1873, Augusta Victoria (now of Okefield, Lyndhurst, Hants), da. of the late Robert Alfred Cloyne Godwin-Austen, Esq., of Shalford Park, Guildford : Philip Austen, b. 1874. The ist baronet sat as M.P. for Helston, and in 1790 was Chairman of the East India Co. LUSK, Creation 1874, of Colney Park, St. Albans, Herts. Sir ANDREW LUSK, ist Baronet, son of the late John Lusk, of Barr, Ayrshire; b. Sept. i8th, 1810; is a D.L. and an Alderman of London, a J.P. for Middlesex, an Alderman and a Commr. of Lieutenancy for City of London, Chm. of Imperial Bank, and of Gen. Fire and Life Assurance Co., and a Merchant and Shipowner at 63, Fenchurch Street ; was Sheriff of London and Middlesex 1860-61, and Lord Mayor of London 1873-4; sat as M.P. for Finsbury (Z) 1865-85: m. 1848, Eliza, da. of the late James Potter, Esq., of Grahamstown, Falkirk, N.B.

r ,!is Azure, an ancient ship with three masts, sails furled proper,

/I colours flying gules ; on a chief argent a woolpack sable, between two mullets gules, tost An ancient ship, as in the arms, surmounted by a rainbow proper. Town Residence 15, Sussex Square, Hyde Park, W. Club Reform. Sister living Jane: /. Hugh M'Jannet, Esq. Residence, Ayr. N.B. Lynch-Blosse, see Blosse. MACARTNEY, Creation 1799, of Lish, Armagh. Sir JOHN MACARTNEY, 3rd Baronet ; b. 1832 : 5. his father, the Rev. Sir WILLIAM ISAAC, 1867: m. 1865, Catherine, da. of the late Alexander Miller, Esq., of Merindindi, Victoria, and has issue. A hand ^rms Or, a stag trippant, within a bordure gules. Crrst .- holding a slip of a rose tree with three roses thereon all proper. Residence Jolimont, Mackay, Queensland, Australia. Sons living- WILLIAM ISAAC, b. Oct. i 3 th, 1867. Alexander Miller, b. 1869. John Barrington, b. 1873. Herbert Charles, b. 1876. David Edwin, b. 1880. Another, b. 1886. Sisters living Sophia. Anna Maria. Eliza. Georgiana.^ Frances Catherine. Maria Louisa. Uncle living (son of ist Baronet) Very Rev. Hussey Burgh, D.D., b. Mens conscia rect:. I7?g . el j_ at xrin. Coll., Dublin ; is Dean of Melbourne : m. 1833, Jane, A mind conscious of who d. 1885, da. of Edward Hardman, Esq., of Dublin, and has issue uprightness. living, John Arthur (of Waverley, Queensland), b. 1834 : in. 1861, Annie Flora, da. of Alexander Wallace Dunlop, Esq., and has issue living, Hussey Burgh John Arthur b. 1873, Alexander Wallace Dunlop b. 1875, Henry Dundas Keith b. 1880, Constance Madeline Frances : m. 1884, William Mountiford Longfield, Esq., formerly of James- brook, co. Cork (and has issue living, William Brinkley Macartney b. 1886), Jane Catherine Nina Henrietta: ;. 18 , James Snape, Esq., of Quirindi, N.S. Wales (and has issue living, Philip Arthur Macartney . 1891), Flora Charlotte Antonia, Jemima Vans Anna Mabel, Edward Hardman (of Mansfield, Victoria), b. 1835 : m. 1862, Georgiana Henrietta, da. of James Moore, Esq., of Kew, Melbourne, and has issue living, Edward Hussey Burgh b. 1867, James Moore b. 1871, Charles Perry b. 1880, Harriet Maria, Georgiana Maude : m. 1887, William Cunningham, Esq., of Winder- mere, N. S. Wales (and has issue living, Hussey Burgh b. 1890, Georgina Maude), Jane Catherine, Agnes Henrietta, Anne Constance, Charlotte Mary, Rev. Hussey Burgh (of Caulfield, Melbourne), b. 1840: in. 1872, Emily, da. of Henry Addenbrooke, Esq., and widow of the Hon. Robert Q. Kermode, of Mona Vale, Tasmania, and has issue living, Hussey Burgh George b. 1875, Jane Elizabeth Catherine, Henrietta Rebecca, Charlotte Elizabeth Caroline. Residence, The Deanery, Melbourne, Australia. Collateral Branch living. Issue of the late William George Macartney, Esq., son of 2nd baronet, fr. i?35, d. 188 : m. 1872. Bessie (now of Bloomsbury, Mackay, Queensland), da. of the late Robert Bayley Tyser, Esq., of Wellington, New Zealand : Henry Tyser, b. 1872. Ernest George, b. 1880. Edith Isabel. Eileen Agnes. The ist baronet, Sir John, M.P., had, prior to his being created a baronet, received knighthood for his services in promoting inland navigation in Ireland.