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01- KMGHTAGE. and Indian Exhibition 1886, and Delegate for Bahamas at Colonial Conference 1887 ; ) is a J.P. for Salop: m. 1857, Lastitia ! Annie, da. of the Hon. W. H. Hall ; cr. ' C.M.G. 1884, K.C.M.G. 1886. 20, Queens Gate Gardens, S. W. ; Union and Wellington Clubs. ADYE, Gen. Sir]ohn Miller, G.C.B., son of Major James Adye, R.A. ; b. 1819 ; ed. at Roy. Mil. Acad., Woolwich; entered R.A. 1836, became Major 1854, Lieut. -Col. ] 1857, Col. 1860, Maj.-Gen. 1875, Lieut.- Gen. 1879, Col.-Comdt. 1881, and Gen. | 1 885; retired 1886; served in Crimea 1854-5 ' ; asA.A.G. of R.A. (medal with four clasps, i Turkish medal, Legion of Honour, and 4th ! class Medjidie), in Indian Mutiny cam- paign 1857-8 as A.A.G. of R.A. (three ] times mentioned in despatches, and medal) ; I employed with expedition of 1863, against : tribes on N.W. Frontier of India (medal j with clasp), and as Ch. of Staff and 2nd in command in Egyptian Campaign 1882 | (medal with clasp, thanked by Parliament, | G.C.B., and Grand Cross Medjidie) ; was | D.A.G. of R.A. in India 1863-6, Director of Artillery and Stores 1870-75, Gov. of j Royal Mil. Acad., Woolwich, 1875-80, Surveyor-Gen, of Ordnance 1880-2, and Gov. and Com. -in-Ch. of Gibraltar 1883-6 ; is Hon. Col. 3rd Kent Artillery ,Vol.,E. Div. R.A., and jrd Vol. Batn. The Queen's Own (Roy. W. Kent Regt.) ; unsuccessfully contested Bath (LG) 1892: m. 1856, Mary Cordelia, da. of the late Vice-Adm. theHon. SirMontaguStopford, K.C.B. [seeE. Courtown, colls.] ;cr. C.B. 1855, K.C.B. 1873, G.C.B. 1882. 92, St. Georges Square, S. W. ; United Service Club. AIREY, Gen. Sir James Talbot, K.C.B., son of the late Lieut. -Gen. Sir George Airey, K.C.H. ; b. 1812 ; ed. at Colchester Gram. Sch., and at Sand- hurst ; entered Army 1830, became Major 1851, Lieut. -Col. 1854, Col. 1859, Major- Gen. 1868, Lieut.-Gen. 1877, and Gen. (retired) 1881 ; served as A.D.C. in Afghanistan 1841-2, at storming of Khoord Cabul Pass 1841 (horse shot), during in- surrection at Cabul 1841-2, at storming Rickarb Bashee and neighbouring forts, and at battle of Beymaroo ; was a hostage to the Afghans Dec. 1841 to Sept. 1842 ; present at storming and capture of Istahff ; served. in Gwalior Campaign 1843 (bronze star), also through Crimean Campaign 1854-5 (medal with four clasps, Legion of Honour, 4th class Medjidie. and Turkish medal) ; cr. C.B. 1855, K.C.B. 1877. 6, Albert Mansions, Victoria Street, S. W. ; United Service, Marlborough, and Boodle's Clubs. AITCHISON, Sir Charles Umpherston, K. C.S.I., C.I.E., LL.D., son of the late Hugh Aitchison, Esq., of Edinburgh ; b. 1832; in B.C.S. 1856-88; was Sec. to Govt. of India Foreign Depart. 1870-8, Ch. Commr. of British Burmah 1878-81, Lieut. -Gov. of the Punjaub 1882-7, an d a Member of Council of Viceroy and Gov.- Gen. of India 1887-8 : m. 1863. Beatrice Lyell, da of the late James Cox, Esq., of Cardean House, co. Perth, and Clement Park, co. Forfar; cr. C.S.I. 1870, K. C.S.I. 1881, C.I.E. 1882. 67, Coiirtfield Gar- dens, S. Kensington, S.W. ; Northbrook Club. AIVAR, Hon. Sir Tiruvarur Muthus- wami, A". C. I. E. ; has been a Puisne Judge of High Court, Madras, since 1884 ; cr. C.I.E. 1878. K.C.I. E. 1892. Madras. AKERMAN, Sir John William, K.C.M.G., son of the late Rev. James Akerman ; b. 1825 ; ed. at Kingswood Sch. ; was Mayor of Pietermaritzburg 1859, and senior elective delegate to S. African Conference held in London 1876 ; had a seat in Executive Council 1870 ; has been member of Council of Education, of Native Commn. 1882, and of numerous other Govt. Commns. ; is a J.P. for Natal; was Speaker of the Legislative Council, Natal 1880-92, and a Member thereof for about 30 years ; at close of Zulu Var started Relief Fund for Widows and Orphans of all ranks and arms engaged, and acted as Chm. of Committee thereof for i=; months ; cr. K.C.M.G. 1887. Pictennaritzburg, Natal. ALABASTER, Sir Chaloner, K.C.M. G., son of J. C. Alabaster, Esq. ; b. 1838 ; ed. at King's Coll., London, and at London Univ. ; appointed Student Interpreter, China, 1855 ; served during China War, 1856-7, present at taking of Canton (medal with clasp), and as Interpreter with various expeditions against piratical villages, 1860-62 ; assisted to reorganise Sung-Kiang Force 1 862; was Vice-Consul at Shanghai 1869-73, Acting Consul 'at Ningpo- 1873-4, at Hankow 1875-60, and at Amoy 1876-9, and Consul at Hankow 1880-86, and at Canton 1886-91, since when he has been Consul-Gen, there : ;;/. 1885, Laura, da. of Dr. D. J. Macgowan. of New York ; cr. K.C.M.G. 1892. British Consulate- General, Canton. ALCOCK, Sir Rutherford, K.C.B., D.C.L., F.K.C.S., Eng., son of the late Thomas Alcock, Esq. b. 1809; wasSurg. of Marine Brigade of Portugal 1833-4, Dep. Inspector-Gen, of Hospitals in British Auxiliary Legion 1835-37, British Commr. for adjudicating claims of British Auxiliary Legion 1839-40, British Commr. in Mixed British and Portuguese Commn. in London 1840-4, Consul at Foo-C'how-Foo 1844-6, at Shanghai 1846-54, and at Canton 1854-8, Envoy Extraor. and Min. Plen. and Consul-Gen, in Japan 1858-65, and Envoy Extraor. and Min. Plen. and Ch. Sup. of Trade in China 1865-71 ; served in civil war of Portugal and Spain 1832-9 ; is a Knight of Tower and Sword of Portu- gal, Com. of Order of Isabella the Catholic, and a Knight of Order of Charles III. ; has medals for actions before St. Sebastian,