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ATAR SINGH, Sardar Sir, K.C.I.E., son of Sardar Khark Singh ; b. 1833 ; is ; Chief of Bhadaur, a branch of the Phul family, from which descend the houses of the Chiefs of Patiala, Jhind, and Nabha ; ed. in Sanskrit at Benares ; rendered good service to British Govt. during Mutiny, 1857 (thanked by Govt. and exempted from payment of six months' commutation- tax) ; elected a Member of Asiatic So. of Bengal 1869, of Senate of Panjab Univ. (then Univ. Coll.) 1870, of Anjuman-i- Panjab 1870, and Vice-Pres. thereof 1880, and in that year Patron of the Sat-Sabha Panjab, and Member of the Sri-Guru-Sing 1 Sabha Lahore and of the Bengal Philhar- monical So. ; in 1877, on the occasion of the Imperial Assemblage at Delhi, received the title of ' ' Malaz-ul-Ulama-o-ul-Fazala" ; removed his Library of English, Arabic, Persian, Sanskrit, and Gurmukhi books from Bhadaur to Ludhiana, where it was j publicly opened on May 24th, 1878 ; in 1873 translated the " Sakhee Book," or; doctrines of the Sikh religion, from Gur- mukhi into English, in 1876 the "Travels i of Guru Tegh Bahadur and Guru Gobind Singh," and in 1875-6, for the Govt., j several chapters of the Granth (Sikh ' Scripture) into Urdu (thanked by Govt. ! and Sec. of State) ; appointed member of Gen. Committee of Darbar Sahib (Golden Temple) Amritsar 1883, and Vice-Pres. ! and Trustee, Khalsa Coll. Establishment ! Committee, 1890 ; founded Sri Guru Singh j Sabha at Ludhiana and made Pres. thereof , 1884; granted the title of "Mahamaho-i padhyaya" (entitling him to rank in Durbar immediately after Titular Rajahs) 1887 ; appointed a Member of Committee of Management of Aitchison's Chiefs' Coll., Lahore, 1890; cr. C.I.E. 1880, K.C.I.E. 1888. Bhadaur House, Ludhiana, Panjab, India. AYERS, Sir Henry, K.C.M.G., son of the late Mr. Ayers, of Portsmouth Dock- yard ; b. 1821 ; has been Sec. of the Burra Burra Mines since 1845, and for twenty- nine years a M.L.C. of S. Australia, and is now Pres. thereof ; has at various times, since 1863, been Premier of that Colony : a widower ; cr. C.M.G. 1870, K.C.M.G. 1872. Adelaide, S, Australia ; Thatched House Club. BACON, Right Hon. Sir James, P.C., son of the late James Bacon, Esq., of the ' Middle Temple ; b. 1798 ; Bar. Gray's Inn, ! 1827, and of Lincoln's Inn, ad eundem ; a j Q.C. 1846 ; was a Commr. of Bankruptcy for London District 1868-9, Ch. Judge in Bankruptcy Jan. to July 1870, and Vice-! Chancellor and Ch. Judge in Bankruptcy 1870-5, and a Judge of the High Court of j Justice (Chancery Division) 1875-86 : m. 1827, Laura Frances, who d. 1859, da. of ; the late William Cook, Esq., of Clay Hill, Enfield ; cr. K.B. 1871, P.C. 1886. i, Ken- sington Gardens Terrace, IV.; Compton Beauchamp, Shrivenham, Berks; Athc- >ic?nm Club. 1HTS. 613 BAIN, Sir James, F.R.S.E., son of the late Robert Bain, Esq., of Glasgow ; b. 1818 ; ed. at Glasgow Univ. ; is an iron- master, a D.L. and a J.P. for Lanark- shire, and a J . P. for Cumberland ; was Lord Provost of Glasgow 1874-7 ' unsuc- cessfully contested Glasgow (C) 1880 ; sat as M.P. for Whitehaven (C) 1891-2, when he was defeated : m. 18 , Mary, who d. 1864, da. of John Dove, Esq., of Glasgow : cr. K.B. 1877. 3, Park Terrace, Glasgow; Harrington, Cumberland; Carlton, Junior Carlton, Scottish Conservative, and New (Glasgow] Clubs. BAIRO, Adm. Sir John Kennedy Erskine, K.C.B. [see Baird, Bart., cr. 1809]. BAKER, Sir Benjamin, K.C.M.G., LL.D., F.R.S., son of the late Benjamin Baker, Esq. , of co. Carlow ; b. 1840 ; Hon. LL.D. Edinburgh iSgp.and Hon.M. Eng. , Dublin 1892 ; was Joint Engineer of the Forth Bridge ; rendered eminent profes- sional services to several of the Colonies ; is a Member of the Ordnance Committee, a Vice-Pres. of the Institute of Civil En- gineers, and Lieut. -Col. Engineers and Railway Vol. Staff Corps ; cr. K.C.M.G. 1890. 3, Kensington Gate, W.; St. Stephen's Club. BAKER, Sir Samuel White, M.A., F.K.S.,, F.R.S.A., el. son of the late Samuel Baker, Esq., of Lypiatt Park, Gloucestershire ; b. 1821 ; in 1847 esta- blished an agricultural settlement at Newera Ellia, Ceylon, where he introduced British emigrants, and English breeds of cattle and sheep ; subsequently distinguished himself as an explorer in Central Africa by dis- covering the Great Lake Albert N'yanza of the Nile basin; thisimportant expedition, which occupied nearly five years, he carried out at his own cost ; was employed 1869-73, with the Turkish rank of Pasha and Maj.- Gen., to command the Mil. Expedition of the Khedive of Egypt for annexing Central Africa and suppressing the slave trade, in which he was successful; has the Osmanieh 2nd class, the Grand Cordon of the Med- jidie (with second and third clasps), the Victoria Gold Medal of Royal Geo- graphical So. (1865), and the Grande Medailled'Ordela Societede Paris (1867) ; is Hon. M.A. of Camb., Hon. Member of Socie'te'de Paris, and of Geographical Sos. Berlin, Italy, and America, a D.L. of Gloucestershire, and a J.P. for Devon : m. ist, 1843, Henrietta, who d. 1855. da. of the Rev. Charles Herbert Martin ; 2nd, 1860, Florence, da. of M. Finnian von Sass ; cr. K.B. 1866. Sandford Orleigh, Newton Abbott ; Athenceum Club. BAKER, Maj.-Gen. Sir Thomas Durand, K. C. B. , son of the late Rev. John Durand Baker, of Bishop's Tawton, Devon ; b. 1837 ; ed. at Cheltenham Coll. ; entered Roy. Irish Regt. i3c;4, became Major 1865, Lieut. -Col. 1874, Col. 1877 (h.p. 1881), and Maj.-Gen. 1886 ; served (*)in Crimean