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This page needs to be proofread., el. son of the late Capt. Frederick Franks, R.N.; 6. 1826; Eton, and at Trin. Coll., Camb. (M.A. 1852, D.Lit. 1889); was Hon. Sec. of Mediaeval Exhibition 1850 ; is Pres. of So. of Antiquaries, and a Trustee of British Museum ; appointed an Assist, in British Museum 1851, and first Keeper of British and Mediaeval Antiquities 1866 ; cr. C.B. 1888. The Residences, British Museum, W.C. ; 123, Victoria Street, S.W. ; Athenanun, Oxford and, and Burlington Fine Arts Clubs. FRANZOPULO, Demetrio, C.M.G. ; cr. C.M.G. 1855. FRASER, Gen. Alexander, C.B., son of James Fraser, Esq., of Heavitree, Exeter ; b. 1824 ; ed. at Mil. Acad., Addiscombe ; entered Bengal Engineers 1843, became Capt. 1857, Lieut.-Col. 1864, Col. 1869, Maj.-Gen. 1878, Lieut.-Gen. 1882, Col. Comdt. R.E. 1884, and Gen. 1886 ; served in Sutlej Campaign 1845-6 (medal), in Punjab Campaign 1848-9 (medal with two clasps), and in Burmese War 1852-3 (medal with clasp) ; employed on important Civil busi- ness in India 1866 (C.B.) ; was Ch. Engineer to Public Works Depart., N.W. Provinces, 1873-9. and Sec. to Gov. of India in Public Works Depart. 1879-82 ; was temporarily in 1880 a member of Council of Gov. -Gen. of India; received reward for distinguished services in 1879; cr. C.B. 1860. 28, Bramliain Gardens, South Kensington, S. W. ; East India United Scmicc Club. FRASER, Maj.-Gen. James Keith, C.M. G. [see Fraser, Bart.]. FRASER, Surg.-Gen. John, M.D., C.B., son of the late Rev. Simon Fraser, of Storno- way ; b. 1819 ; ed. at Aberdeen, Glasgow, and Edinburgh Univs. (M.D. Edinburgh 1840); entered Med. Depart, of Army 1841, became Surg. 1852, Dep. Inspector-Gen. 1858, and Surg.-Gen. 1872 (h. p. 1879); served through- out Crimean Campaign 1854-5 (medal with three clasps, Legion of Honour and Turkish medal), and in Indian Mutiny Campaign 1857-9 (twice mentioned in despatches, and medal with clasp) : is an Hon. Physician toH.M. : in. 1857, Emma Caroline, da. of the late Rev. M. Cooper, R. of St. Mary's, Southampton ; cr. C.B. 1859. 21, Chalmers Street, Edinburgh. FRASER, John, C.M.G., fourth son of the late Capt. Edward Fraser, H.E.I.C.S. ; b. 1820; appointed a Member of Council of the Govt. of Mauritius 1869 ; is partner in the firm of Currie, Fraser and Co., of Port Louis, Mauritius ; cr. C.M.d 1892. Beau Sejour, Mauritius. FRASER, Col. Thomas, C.B., C.M.G., son of G. R. Fraser, Esq., Barrister-at-Law; b. 1840; entered R.E. 1862, became Capt. 1874, Major 1878, Lieut.-Col. 1882, and Col. 1885 ; specially empl- ' -d in Turkey in 1876, and served as Milv / :er with British Naval Com.-in-Ch. at BCSSK .Say in 1877; accompanied Turkish Com.-in-Ch. in Bulgarian campaign 1877 ; grad. of Staff Coll. 1880 ; took part in Transvaal War 1881 (mentioned in despatches), and was Politi- cal and Assist. Mil. Sec. to Sir Evelyn Wood till Feb. 1882; served on staff in Egyptian Campaign 1882 (mentioned in despatches, bronze star, medal with clasp and 4th class Osmanieh), as A.G. and Q.M.G. Egyptian Army 1882-5, and as A.A.G. in Nile Expedition 1884-5 (mentioned in despatches, clasp, and 3rd class Medjidie), appointed Assist. Inspector-Gen, of Fortifica- lionsat Head Quarters 1892 : in. 1865, Matilda, da. of the late James Beckford Wildman, Esq., -of Chilham Castle, Kent; cr. C.M.G. 1882, C.B. 1891. 40, Evelyn Gardens, South Ken- sington, S. W. ; United Service Club. COMPANIONAGE. 777 FREMANTLE, Lieut.-Gen. Arthur James Lyon, C.B., son of the late Maj.-Gen. John Fremantle, C.B. ; b. 1835 ; entered Army 1852, transferred to Coldstream Guards 1853, became Lieut, and Capt. 1854, Capt. and Lieut.-Col. 1860, Col. 1870, Maj.-Gen. 1882, and Lieut.-Gen. 1890 ; was Assist. Mil. Sec. at Gibraltar 1860-2. and A.D.C. to F.M. the Com.-in-Ch. 1881-2 ; commanded at Defence of Suakin 1884-5, an d the Brig, of Guards in E. Soudan Campaign 1885 ; was sometime Civil Gov. of Suakin (Medjidie 2nd class) ; was D.A.G. for Auxiliary Forces at Headquarters 1886-91, and again in 1892; is a J.P. for Middlesex : ni. 1864, Mary, da. of the late Richard Hall, Esq. ; cr. C.B. 1885. 32, Cadogan Place, S. V. ; United Ser- vice, Travellers', and Wellington Clubs. FREMANTLE, Maj.-Gen. FitzRoy (Wil- liam), C.B., son of the late Maj.-Gen. John Fremantle, C.B.; .1836; entered Rifle Brig. 1854, became Capt. 1857, exchanged to Cold- stream Guards 1860, Lieut.-Col. 1870, Col. 1881, and Maj.-Gen. 1892 ; served during Crimean War 1854-5, present at siege of Sebasto- pol (severely wounded, medal with clasp, Turkish and Sardinian medals), and throughout Indian Mutiny 1857-8, present at capture of Lticknow (mentioned in despatches, medal with clasp) ; was Brig.-Maj. Calcutta 1860, A.D.C. to Gen. Comdg. "Dublin Dist. 1862-5, A.D.C. to Maj.- Gen. at Malta 1868-70, Assist. Mil. Sec. in Canada 1878-83, and in command of nth Regt. Dist. 1885-90; is a J.P. for Berkshire and Sussex, and a County Councillor for Berks, Bray (Rural) Div. : in. 1862, Julia Elizabeth Henrietta, da. of Sir Guy Campbell, ist Bart.; cr. C.B. 1887. Chuffs, Maidenhead; United Service and Carlton Clubs. FRENCH, Col. Arthur, C.B., son of Major E. F. French, 82nd and 22nd Regts. : b. 1840 ; ed. at Fairfield. and at Brindley's Collegiate Sch. ; entered R.M.A. 1858, became Capt. 1867, Major 1879, Lieut.-Col. 1882, Col. 1886, and Col. 2nd Comdt. 1891 ; served with Egyptian Expedition 1882 (mentioned in despatches, medal, bronze star, Brevet Lt.-Col.) ; has been an A.D.C. to H.M. since 1888 : in. 1875, Mary Julia Eveleigh, da. of Capt. Frederick Charles Belson, R.E. ; cr. C.B. 1892. Eastney Bar- racks, Portsmouth ; United Service Club. FRENCH, Col. George Arthur, C.M.G., son of the late John French, Esq., of Morn- ington Park, co. Dublin ; b. 1841 ; entered R.A. 1860, became Capt. 1872, Major 1881, Lieut.-Col. 1887, and Col. 1892 ; appointed Lieut.-Col. Canadian Militia 1870; was In- spector of Artillery (Canada) 1870-3, a_nd Commr. of N.W. Mounted Police and Stipendiary'Magis- trate 1873-6 ; organised and commanded an Expeditionary Force of 300 mounted men and two guns sent by Canadian Govt. from the Red River to the Rocky Mountains 1874 ; was Inspector of Warlike Stores, Devonpprt 1878-83, and Comdt. of Queensland Forces with Army rank of Col. 1883-91 (thanked by both Houses of Queensland Parliament for services rendered); appointed Ch. Instructor at Sch. of Gunnery 1892 : m. 1862, Janet Clarke, da. of the late Robert Long Innes, Esq., formerlj- of 37th Regt. ; cr. C.M.G. 1877. Shoeburyness, Essex. FRENCH, Maj.-Gen. William, C.B., son of the late William C. French, Esq., of Cloonyquin, co. Roscommon ; b. 1829; ed. at Roy. Mil. Acad., Woolwich ; entered R.A. 1848, became Capt. 1855, Major 1870, Lieut.-Col. 1873, Col. 1878, and Maj.-Gen. (retired) 1881 : served with China Expedition 1860-2 (medal with two clasps), and in Afghan Cam- paign 1880 (medal with clasp): m. 1863, Frede- rica Laura, da. of Adolphe Marescaux de Sau-