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844 COMPANIONAGE. Andrew's, and at Addiscombe ; entered Bengal Artillery 1851, became Capt. iS6i, Major 1872, Lieut. -Col. 1878, and Col. 1882; retired 1888 ; 1 served in Indian Mutiny as Commissary of Ord- ; nance, on lines of communication between Alla- -habad and Cawnpore, and in Indian Ordnance Depart, for over 30 years ; established Govt. . Harness Factory at Cawnpore, of which he was [ for many years Sup. ; is a J.P. for Perthshire : ; /. 1857, Elizabeth Magdalene Amelia, da. of ; the late Gen. T. Webster, of Balgarvie, Fife ; cr. C.I.E. 1887. Ardvorlich, Perthshire,N.B. ; Caledonian United Service (Edinburgh) Clubs. STEWART, Col. Richard Campbell, C.B., son of the late Lieut. -Gen. Thomas Stewart; b. 1836; entered Madras Cav. 1853, became Capt. 1862, Major 1871, Lieut. -Col. 1877, and Col. 1881 ; served during Mutiny 1858-9 (wounded, medal), and during Burmah Cam- paign 1886-7 ; was Mil. Sec. to Gov. of Madras 1864-6, and again in 1872, A. A. G.Madras 1867-8 and 1870-2, Q.M.G. Madras 1883-6, and Brig.- Gen. Comdg. Hyderabad Contingent 1886-90, since when he has commanded a ist class Dist., TVIadras, with local rank of Maj.-Gen. : m. 1870, Mona Gough, da. of Col. Gregory Haines, H.E.I.C.S. [see B. Gough]; cr. C.B. 1887. Rangoon, Bnrinah ; United Service and Junior United Service Clubs. STEWART, J/a/.-fow.RobertCrosse, C.B., son of the late Major Archibald Stewart, K.H., Rifle Brig. ; b. 1825 ; entered Army 1842, ! "became Capt. 1855, Major 1858, Lieut. -Col. 1869, Col. 1874, and Maj.-Gen (retired) 1884 ; was D.A.A.G. to and Div. in Indian Mutiny 1858 ! (medal with clasp, mentioned in despatches, and severe!)' wounded), D.A.A.G. at Horse Guards 1865-70, A.G. to Madras Army 1872-7, I and Gov. and Comdt. of Roy. Victoria Hospi- ' tal, Netley 1878-80; commanded F.. Dist., I Madras, with local rank of Bng.-Gen. 1880-4 : Jit. 1860, Fanny, el. da. of Thomas Davison, Esq. (formerly Capt. 84th Regt.), of Sedge- ! field, co. Durham ; cr. C.B. 1881. STEWART, Capt. Walter, C.B. [see E. Galloway, colls.]. STIEBEL, George, C.M.G., son of Sigis- j mund Stiebel, Esq. ; b. 1821 ; was a member of Franchise Conimn. 1884, and Chm. of Parochial ! Board of St. Andrew 1885-91. and of Execu- j live Committee of Jamaica Exhibition 1891 ; .appointed Gustos Rotulorum of St. Andrew 1889; is a J.P. for Kingston, ;//. 18 Mag-; dalen, who d. 1892, da. of ; cr. C.M.G. | 1891. Kingston, Jama : ca. STIRLING, J/a/.-Ge;/. William, C.B.,son of the late Charles Stirling, Esq., of Muiravonside, Stirlingshire ; l>. 1835 ; entered R.A. 1853, be- came Capt. 1860, Major 1861, Lieut. -Col. 1872, Col. i877(h.p.i88o), and Maj.-Gen. 1887; served j throughout Crimean Campaign 1854-5 (medal ; with four clasps, Legion of Honour, and Turkish medal), as Brig.-Majorof Artillery with Rajpoo- tana Field Force during Indian Mutiny 1858 ' I. medal with clasp), in China War 1860 in com- mand of a Field Battery (medal with clasp), and ! in command of a battery of R.H.A.with Koorum ! Field Force during operations in first part of Afghan War 1878-9 (medal with clasp) ; was A.A. and Q.M.G. at Woolwich 1880-5, and in command of R.A. , S. Dist. 1885-90, since when he has been Gov. of Roy. Mil. Acad., Woolwich : in. ist, 1864, Anne Douglas, who d. 1867. da. of 'Sylvester Douglas Stirling, Esq., of Glenbervie, ! 'Stirlingshire ; 2nd, 1869, Anna Christian, da. j of William Stirling, Esq.; cr. C.B. 1880. Gov- emor's House, Royal Military Academy, U'ooZwich ; United Sen-ice Clnb. STOCKWELL, Col. Charles Montizambert, <:.B., son of Col. Thomas Stockwell, of the ! Madras Army; b. 1838; ed. at Roy. Mil. Coll., Sandhurst, and at Bonn ; entered Seaforth Highlanders (Ross-shire Buffs, the Duke of Albany's) 1854, became Capt. 1864, Major 1877, Lieut.-Col. ist Batn. 1880, and Col. 1884 (h.p. 1885); served in CrimeanCampaign 1855, present at siege of Sebastopol (medal with clasp, and Turkish medal),in Afghan Campaigns 1878-9 and i879-8o,accompaniedSir F. Roberts' Field Force in march from Cabul to Kandahar ; commanded his Regt. at battles of Kandahar (three times mentioned in despatches, medal with three clasps, bronze star, and C.B.), and the ist Batn. of his Regt. in Egyptian Campaign 1882 (twice mentioned in despatches, medal with clasp, and 3rd class Medjidie) ; in 1882 awarded 100 per annum for distinguished services ; com- manded 72nd and ygth Regt. Dists. 1885-90 : m. 1863, Catherine Mary, da. of John Gardiner, Esq., of 20, Westbourne Terrace, W. ; cr. C.B. 1 88 1. Naval and Military Club. STOKES.Whitley, C.S.I., C.l.E.,D.C.L., LL.D., son of the late Dr. William Stokes, of Dublin ; b. 1830; ed. at Dublin Univ., B. A. 1852, Hon. LL.D. Dublin 1868, Hon. D.C.L. Oxford 1885, and Hon. LL.D. Edinburgh 1889 ; Bar. Inner Temple 1855 ; was successively Reporter High Court, Madras, officiating Ad- ministrator Gen. of Madras, Legislative Sec. to Govt. of India, and an ordinary member of Council of Gov. -Gen. of India 1877-82 : in. ist, 1865, Mary, da. of the late Col. Bazely, of the Bengal Artillery ; 2nd, Elizabeth, da. of the late William Temple, Esq. ; cr. C.S.I. 1877, C.I.E. 1879. 15, Grenville Place, Cromwell Road, S.W. STOTHERD, Maj.-Gen. Richard Hugh, C.B., son of the late Gen. R. J. Stotherd, Col. Comdt. R.E. ; /-. 1828 ; ed. at Univ. Coll. Sch., Lond., and at Roy. Mil. Acad., Woolwich ; entered R.E. 1847, became Capt. 1855, Major 1870, Lieut.-Col. 1872, Col. 1877, and Maj.- Gen. (retired) 1886 ; employed on New Bruns- wick frontier 1862 during passage of troops to Canada at the time of the Trent affair ; was Instructor in Electricity and Submarine Mining at Sch. of Mil. Engineering, Chatham, 1866-71 ; was sent in 1871 with the late Col. C. C. Chesney, R.E., to report upon various mili- tary operations of the French and German armies and the Siege of Paris by French army under Marshal M'Mahon during the Com- munist insurrection ; was Pres. of War Office Torpedo Committee engaged in designing forms of submarine mining apparatus 1873-6 ; was Director-Gen, of Ordnance Survey 1883-6 ; is a J.P. for co. and city of Dublin : ;//. ist, 1861, Caroline Frances, who d. 1872, da. of T. Wood, Esq. ,of Neasham, Durham; 2nd, 1875, Elizabeth Janet, da. of J. M. Melville, Esq., of Hanley, Midlothian ; cr. C.B. 1885. Heathcotc, Cam- berley, Surrey ; A ntiy and Navy Club. STRACHEY, Lieut. -Gen. Richard, C.S.I. [see Strachey, Bart.]. STRAGHAN, Col. Abel, C.B., son of the late Rev. A. A. Straghan, of Bath ; b. 1836 ; ed. at Grosvenor Coll., Bath ; entered 74th High- landers 1854, became Capt. 1861, Major 1874, Lieut.-Col. 2nd Batn. Highland L.I. 1881, Lieut.-Col. Comdg. 2nd Batn. 1883, and Col. 1885 (h.p. 1887); retired 1861 ; served in Indian Mutiny Campaign 1857-8 (medal), and in com- mand of his Batn. in Egyptian Campaign 1882 (medal with clasp, b onze star and 3rd class Medjidie) : m. 1872, Rachael, da. of ihe late Jones Pile, Esq., Member of Counc 1 of Bar- bados ; cr. C.B. 1882. Arty and Navy Clnb. STREATFEILD, Frank Nampion, C.M.G., son of the late William Champion Streatfield, Esq., of Charts Edge, Kent ; b. 1843 ; was Comdt. of Fingo levies in Zulu War 1879, Resi-