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208 The Caledonian War 128
Fingal and his Heroes 129
Contrast of the Caledonians and the Romans 129
Ambition of Caracalla 130
211 Death of Severus, and Accession of his two sons 130
Jealousy and Hatred of the two Emperors 130
Fruitless Negotiation for dividing the Empire between them 131
212 Murder of Geta 132
Remorse and Cruelty of Caracalla 133
Death of Papinian 134
213 His Tyranny extended over the whole Empire 135
Relaxation of Discipline 136
217 Murder of Caracalla 137
Imitation of Alexander 138
Election and Character of Macrinus 138
Discontent of the Senate 139
————— of the Army 140
Macrinus attempts a Reformation of the Army 140
Death of the Empress Julia 141
Education, Pretensions, and Revolt of Elagabalus, called at first Bassianus and Antoninus 141
218 Defeat and Death of Macrinus 142
Elagabalus writes to the Senate 143
219 Picture of Elagabalus 144
His Superstition 144
His profligate and effeminate Luxury 146
Contempt of Decency, which distinguished the Roman Tyrants 147
Discontents of the Army 147
221 Alexander Severus declared Cæsar 147
222 Sedition of the Guards, and Murder of Elagabalus 148
Accession of Alexander Severus 148
Power of his Mother Mamæa 149
His wise and moderate Administration 150
Education and Virtuous Temper of Alexander 150
Journal of his Ordinary Life 151
222-235 General happiness of the Roman World 152
Alexander refuses the name of Antoninus 152
He attempts to reform the Army 153
Seditions of the Prætorian Guards, and Murder of Ulpian 153
Danger of Dion Cassius 154
Tumults of the Legions 155
Firmness of the Emperor 155
Defects of his Reign and Character 156
Digression on the Finances of the Empire 157
Establishment of the Tribute on Roman Citizens 157
Abolition of the Tribute 158
Tributes of the Provinces 158
——— of Asia 159
——— of Egypt, Gaul, Africa and Spain 159
——— of the Isle of Gyarus 160
Amount of the Revenue 160
Taxes on Roman Citizens instituted by Augustus 160
   I. The Customs 161