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  Increase of Taxes 384
Abdication of Diocletian and Maximian 385
Resemblance to Charles V. 385
304 Long Illness of Diocletian 386
His Prudence 386
Compliance of Maximian 387
Retirement of Diocletian at Salona 387
His Philosophy 388
313 His Death 389
Description of Salona and the adjacent Country 389
Of Diocletian's Palace 390
Decline of the Arts 391
—————of Letters 391
The new Platonists 392

Troubles after the abdication of Diocletian—Death of Constantius—Elevation of Constantine and Maxentius—Six Emperors at the same time—Death of Maximian and Galerius—Victories of Constantine over Maxentius and Licinius—Reunion of the Empire under the Authority of Constantine

305-323 Period of Civil Wars and Confusion 394
Character and Situation of Constantius 394
Of Galerius 395
The two Cæsars, Severus and Maximin 395
Ambition of Galerius disappointed by two Revolutions 397
274 Birth, Education, and Escape of Constantine 397
306 Death of Constantius and Elevation of Constantine 399
He is acknowledged by Galerius, who gives him only the Cæsar, and that of Augustus to Severus 400
The Brothers and Sisters of Constantine 400
Discontent of the Romans at the Apprehension of Taxes 401
306 Maxentius declared Emperor at Rome 402
Maximian reassumes the Purple 403
397 Defeat and Death of Severus 403
Maximian gives his daughter Fausta, and the Title of Augustus to Constantine 404
Galerius invades Italy 405
His Retreat 407
307 Elevation of Licinius to the Rank of Augustus 407
Elevation of Maximin 408
308 Six Emperors 408
Misfortunes of Maximian 408
310 His Death 410
[311] Death of Galerius 410
His Dominion shared between Maximin and Licinius 411
306-312 Administration of Constantine in Gaul 412
Tyranny of Maxentius in Italy and Africa 412
312 Civil War between Constantine and Maxentius 414
Preparations 415
Constantine passes the Alps 417