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This page needs to be proofread.

Isidore, Archbishop of Russia, made cardinal, vii., 137 and note; imprisoned, ib.; epistle of, to Nicholas V., 163 note; Papal legate, 175; his escape, 196 and note.

Isidore of Badajoz, v., 472 note.

Isidore of Pelusium, iii., 201 note; friend of Cyril of Alexandria, v., 107 and note.

Isidore of Seville, ii., 217 note, 266 note; on passage of the Vandals, iii., 401 note; monastic rule of, iv., 66 note, 67 note; on Sisebut, 96 note; History of the Visigoths, 141 note.

Isidore, pupil of Proclus, iv., 266; Life of, ib. note.; leaves Athens, ib.

Isidore, the Milesian, architect, iv., 244.

Isis and Serapis, Temple of, i., 32 and note; iii., 199.