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The Federal Constitution 157
   History of the Federal Constitution ib.
Summary of the Federal Constitution 161
Prerogative of the Federal Government 163
Federal Powers 166
Legislative Powers ib.
A further difference between the Senate and the House of Representatives 171
The executive power 172
Differences between the position of the President of the United States and that of a Constitutional King of France 175
Accidental causes which may increase the influence of the Executive Government 180
Why the President of the United States does not require the majority of the two Houses in order to carry on the Government 182
Election of the President 184
Mode of election 191
Crisis of the election 196
Re-election of the President 199
Federal Courts 203
Means of determining the jurisdiction of the Federal Courts 208
Different cases of jurisdiction 211
Procedure of the Federal Courts 219
High rank of the Supreme Courts amongst the great powers of the State 223
In what respects the Federal Constitution is superior to that of the States 227