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Corrections to the Present Edition.

Vol. II.

Page Page
2 331 Brush-like scales of male Mallotus.
14 341 Further facts on courtship of fishes, and the spawning of Macropus.
23 347 Dufossé on the sounds made by fishes.
26 349 Belt on a frog protected by bright colouring.
30 352 Further facts on mental powers of snakes.
32 353 Sounds produced by snakes; the rattlesnake.
36 357 Combats of Chameleons.
72 383 Marshall on protuberances on birds' heads.
91 398 Further facts on display by the Argus pheasant.
108 411 Attachment between paired birds.
118 417 Female pigeon rejecting certain males.
120 419 Albino birds not finding partners, in a state of nature.
124 423 Direct action of climate on birds' colours.
147–150 438–441 Further facts on the ocelli in the Argus pheasant.
152 443 Display by humming-birds in courtship.
157 446 Cases with pigeons of colour transmitted to one sex alone.
232 495–6 Taste for the beautiful permament enough to allow of sexual selection with the lower animals.
247 505 Horns of sheep originally a masculine character.
248 506 Castration affecting horns of animals.
256 513–4 Prong-horned variety of Cervus virginianus.
260 516 Relative sizes of male and female whales and seals.
266 521 Absence of tusks in male miocene pigs.
286 534 Dobson on sexual differences of bats.
299 542–3 Recks on advantage from peculiar colouring.
316 556 Difference of complexion in men and women of an African tribe.
337 572 Speech subsequent to singing.
356 586 Schopenhauer on importance of courtship to mankind.
359 et seq. 588 et seq. Revision of discussion on communal marriages and promiscuity.
373 598–9 Power of choice of woman in marriage, amongst savages.
380 603 Long-continued habit of plucking out hairs may produce an inherited effect.