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8 A CATALOGUE OF THE MEMOIRS OF ANN, LADY FANSHAWE. Written by Lady Fanshawe. With Extracts from the Correspon- dence of Sir Richard Fanshawe. Edited by H. C. FANSHAWE. With 38 Full-page Illustrations, including four in Photogravure and one in Colour. Demy 8vo (9 x 5^ inches). i6s. net.

      • This Edition has been printed direct from the original manuscript in the possession

of the Fanshawe Family, and Mr. H. C. Fanshawe contributes numerous notes which form a running commentary on the text. Many famotts pictures are reproduced, includ- ing- paintings by Velazquez and Van Dyck. THE TRUE STORY OF MY LIFE : an Auto- biography by ALICE M. DIEHL, Novelist, Writer, and Musician. Demy 8vo. los. 6d. net.

    • These confessions, -written with a naive frankness rare in present times, have been

pronounced by an authority to be a human document of utmost importance to all interested in the great subjects of life and genius. During the years following a remarkable child- hood of prodigies of literary and musical attainments, the Author made brilliant careers, first in the "world of music, then in that of literature. A n intimate friend of the late Sir Henry Irving, his confidences to her throw a new light on the inner life of this some- what enigmatical man. But the same may also be said of her friendship or acquaintance with many other personages of world-wide renown. In music, we read of Berlioz, Ferdinand Hiller, Jenny Lind, Sivori, Thalborg, Henselt (her master in his Silesian Castle), Piatti, Sainton and his wife, Pietzius, Cruvelli, the Princess Czartoryska, and other eminent pupils of Chopin, as well as a host of others known in all countries and climes. In literature, besides such stars as Robert Browning, Bret Harte, " Ouida," Miss Braddon, Mrs. Riddell, Amelia B. Edwards, R. E. Hichens, the work abounds in familiar sketches of former men and women whose names are so well known that any information about their personalities is of absorbing interest. THE LIFE OF ST. MARY MAGDALEN. Translated from the Italian of an Unknown Fourteenth-Century Writer by VALENTINA HAWTREY. With an Introductory Note by VERNON LEE, and 14 Full-page Reproductions from the Old Masters. Crown 8vo. 5*. net. Daily News. " Miss Valentina Hawtrey has given a most excellent English version of this pleasant work." Academy. " The fourteenth-century fancy plays delightfully around the meagre details of the Gospel narrative, and presents the heroine in quite an unconventional light. . . . In its directness and artistic simplicity and its wealth of homely detail the story reads like the work of some Boccaccio of the cloister ; and fourteen illustrations taken from Italian painters happily illustrate the charming text." MEN AND LETTERS. By HERBERT PAUL, M.P. Fourth Edition. Crown 8vo. 5/. net. Daily News. " Mr. Herbert Paul has done scholars and the reading world in general a high service in publishing this collection of his essays." Punch. " His fund of good stories is inexhaustible, and his urbanity never fails. On the whole, this book is one of the very best examples of literature on literature and life."