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Salam, Sir.


Who are you? Where do you live?

Sir, my name is Rumjan; my house is at Calcutta.

Say, why are you come hither?

Sir, I am without work. I came to seek a place.

What service do you do?

Sir, I am accustomed to do the work of a gentleman’s Khansaman. I did the business of a Khidmutgar some time ago; now I do that of a Khansaman.

What work does a Khansaman do?

Sir, a Khansaman supplies his master’s table. All articles of furniture are under his care, and all the inferior servants also are under the Khansaman.


Khansaman, how many servants are necessary for a gentleman, and what are their titles?

Sir, the necessary servants are these: a Khansaman, a Khidmutgar, a Musalchee, a Cook, a Water-cooler, a Water-bearer, a Cleaner, a Washerman, a man to prepare your Hooka, Palenquin bearers, a man to go on errands, a Watchman, and a Porter.

Khansaman, what work do all these servants do?

Sir, every one does his own proper work.