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How long have you left England?

I arrived in Bengal last year, in the month of Shrabuna.

Did you come from England or Scotland?

I was born in Ireland, but came from England hither.

At what school was you educated?

I was first at Dublin school, but afterwards went to Eton.

What languages did you learn?

I studied Latin three years, and Greek two years.

How long was your voyage to this country?

We were eight months in all: five months on the sea, and three months at the Cape.

Had you any difficulties in your voyage or not?

We had one great storm: the ship was near foundering.

What land did you see first?

We came into the river in the night, and anchored off Kulpee in the morning.

What did you think when you got into the river?

We had been so long on the water that I was very glad to see land.

What did you think when you saw the people?

How can I say that? I don't recollect. I was anxious to get to Calcutta, and therefore hired a pansee, and came up with all speed.