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Very well, that I will do; plenty of these seeds may be obtained. But will you not sow gourds, cucumbers, kidney beans, or any such thing?

I will sow them; but their runners spread so far, where can we get room for them?

Don't trouble yourself about that, there is plenty of room. I will make a stage here for them.

What's the reason the garden is so foul? Why don't you weed these beds?

Sir, there is a great deal of work. We are constantly so employed in planting the fruit trees, that I have no leisure; that's the reason it is so foul.

What sort of trees have you planted?

Mangoe, jack, kamrunga, peach, mulberry, limes, shaddock, korinda, phulsa, almond, custard-apples, both the netted and the plain, guaya trees, and how many gundas of flower trees?

Take good care of all. Weed this. I cannot bear to see so many weeds.


Ho! say whence came you?

From Calcutta to-day.

When from home?

I came from home about fifteen days ago.

Where have you been so long?

All this time on the road. I staid about eight or ten days at Hoogly.

Truly! therefore you was so long.