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How do they perform the constant ceremonies of worship?

Having bathed and performed worship in a proper manner, they eat breakfast about nine or ten in the morning. Those relations who are present don't eat all together.

Does he perform the duties of hospitality or not? What reputation have they for that?

They occasionally perform the duties of hospitality, but not in the best manner. They are not in great repute.

What method do they observe in the worship of God?

They occasionally worship God; but not in the best manner. They have got Shiva-Linga, images, and the Shalgrama.


What sort of a dwelling house have they made?

Having made the dwelling house of equal height on the four sides of a square court, they have made three or four apartments.

I heard that almost all the village people came to perform the ablutions in Gunga. How did they entertain them on that occasion?

Almost all the inhabitants of the villages came to perform the ablutions of the goddess Gunga, on which occasion they entertained them well, and gave much in charity.

Do they makes offerings, placed row upon row? (Sarudeeya.)

They attend to the worship of God more than other people of the country.

They expended four or five thousand rupees. Three days were spent in entertaining brahmuns, and the like. Indeed they gave sweetmeats to other people for three days.