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How many sons and daughters has the eldest?

Two sons and three daughters.

Is the eldest a son or a daughter?

The eldest is a son, then a daughter, after that a son, and after that two daughters.

Are his two sons invested with the brahminical thread or not?

The investiture of the eldest is past. He now studios Grammar; is a teachable boy, and indeed beautiful and fortunate. The youngest writes names.

Has he given his daughters in marriage or not?

When the eldest daughter was eight years old, he brought a chief of the Kooleensa, and gave her in marriage to him. The son-in-law is a promising good-natured lad indeed.

What expence did he go to at the wedding? How were the Ghutukas and Kooleenas received? and how were they dismissed?

There came two or three hundred Kooleenas, and five or six hundred Ghutukas. He gained much honour by the manner in which he dismissed them.

Shall you make any stay here?

No, I have taken leave, and depart this day.


I am come to you, Sir, upon a piece of business. If you, Sir, stand my friend, I shall get through.

Tell me, what is your complaint?

This is my complaint. I have a house and two bighas of land