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Sister, I have got a little thread. I must sell that. When I have sold it, I will bring what is necessary.

What, sister, have you no other business there? I have much to do.

Yes! what great business have you at the market?

O! you do not know: I have much to do? Why, sister, a quarter of the folks in the town have given their thread to me to sell. I have got all that thread to sell. Besides, I have no salt, nor oil in the house. I must buy some of each. Fish and greens also must be got.

How many of the town's people have given their thread to you? I have also got ten or twelve people's thread. I must sell that, and do errands for several. What I can get I will bring. If I cannot get the things I will give the money back.

Then, sister, I shall get things for some and not for others. They will be expecting: if I do not get the things what will they say?

If you can't get the things, what will you do? Tell me.

Ah! sister, I am thinking of that. Whether I shall get them, or what shall I do? If I don't get them, they'll say, Ah! she has not brought them.

Go on, sister; while we talk time is going on. When shall we get there? If it is late, I shall not sell the thread again. The market is now low.

Go. Let us go on. What else have we to do. It is not late yet. Oh! it is not late. Look at the sky and see what time it is by the sun.

What is to be, has already taken place. Go on. Let us mend our pace. I suppose the market is begun.