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you must send it direct: post pay your letters to London, whence they will be forwarded at a very cheap rate. I still am of opinion that O. would do well here; the way is now smoothed for him, and a well-managed dairy would yield him ample means of livelihood. He should purchase cows at the Cape. This day I got £3 for my Cape sheep; at Van Diemen's Land one could be purchased for 5s., and at the Cape (fat) for 6s.

7th.—Great visitings among the neighbouring servants; seven or eight of them patrolling about; and all this is sure to end in drunkenness and mischief—they talk of forming a club! They have too much control over their masters already; and club-law would be a terrible exercise and increase of their power.

The indefatigable little warbler, or razor-grinder, is singing its sweet notes at nine o'clock P.M., by beautiful moonlight; it is a very fearless little bird, associating with all the farm and domestic animals, watching attentively for flies, at which it springs with unerring aim, twittering out every now and then, by way of interlude or for the sake of good digestion, some of its sweetest notes.

9th.—Had a harvest-home, or churn, as it is here termed, this roasting day—I fear there is little butter in the churn for me. I shall have nearly as much produce from about twenty square yards in the garden, as from the tillage farm of two acres. One of our most experienced farmers has assured me, that it will not answer to cultivate on an extended scale, under the existing circumstances of the colony, from the dearness of labour, &c.: three acres altogether, will be the maximum of my tillage. Summer is our worst season, as vegetation on the dry grounds is then at a stand, and there are few facilities for irrigation. Nine months of our year are like your best summers, and the remaining three are very warm; a land breeze, however, springs up every night at about ten o'clock, and blows very fresh, making a grand