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Perth, February 1835.

Monday, Feb. 2nd.—I have had a regular series of visitors here to-day since twelve o'clock, when Marshall McDermott called, and took a drink of wine and passed on. Next came a Mr. Anderson, to whose farm I think of sending my flock for a little while. He dined and drank tea, and sat a long time, and whilst he sat in came Mr. McDermott on his return and took a seat also. Shortly afterwards came Mr. Shaw, and then John Mackie, who took tea, and has just now left, at ten o'clock. Mr. Shaw mentioned an extraordinary circumstance which had just occurred at his house. A native called Coroor, who had been out looking for some stray goats belonging to Mr. Shaw, had lain down, in proximity to the fire, on Mr. Shaw's kitchen floor, and had fallen asleep. The native Tomghin was in the kitchen also. Mr. Shaw happened to have his head down looking at Coroor as he slept, when suddenly he saw a spear strike him about the collar bone, and pierce right into his heart. The man was dead in an instant. This spear was thrown by Tomghin, who said he did it in revenge for the death of his brother, Yedemera, who was shot long ago by the soldiers. Are they not an extraordinary race? Shortly afterwards another native, close to Burgess's house, speared poor Toodyeep through the side, so that it is thought she must die. The man seemed perfectly unconcerned after having done it. No wonder they are not very numerous.

Tuesday, Feb. 3rd.—Rode down to Guildford to examine the roads, bridges, &c. Called on Mr. Tanner, and dined there. I wanted to buy some salt-cellars from them, but