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rear one child until another is ready to take its place, even though there be a long interval.

May 7th, 8th, and 9th.—Down in Perth. The Dublin Packet has arrived. She has brought very few letters for the colony. I have received a number of Manchester, Liverpool, Dublin, Derry and other papers, and only one letter! J—— returned on Friday night from York, and tells me I have lost but five sheep and six lambs on the way; but poor Dr. H—— has been sadly unfortunate, having lost 93 sheep, 14 goats and 3 bullocks, and, to complete the misfortune, two of his men whom he had left behind on the way to look after a sick bullock were attacked and severely wounded by some natives, and had a most providential escape for their lives. The spear struck one just beside the back bone, and glanced along the ribs and into the flesh towards his breast. The other was struck on the breast bone, which turned the spear along his ribs and under his arm. On reaching home on Saturday night I was greeted with a bad piece of news,—a dog belonging to one of the natives had destroyed four of my sheep, and a fifth was in hospital. The same dog has been notorious here, but seems to bear a charmed life, for many have fired at him, but without effect. I was much inclined to bring the soldiers upon the owner, and seize and detain him until he should give up the dog, but, it being my own case, I did not like to act as a magistrate, and so I sent notice to our police about it. However, in the meantime I hear that one of Mr. Bull's men fired at the dog yesterday, and struck him with a charge of shot in the side, and perhaps he may die. The owner is a daring fellow, the very image of Yagan. It was this man who killed the soldier here about a year ago, and he has often said if white man would shoot his dog, he would spear white man. The dog destroyed seventeen fowls in Mr. Bull's yard on the morning he was killed.—Yesterday morning I drowned one of my cats for misbehaving, and the natives fished it out of the river and eat it, saying it was "all same possum," and