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friends with me there last evening. Mackie has returned from King George's Sound. People are all busy whaling there also; but they have connected themselves with some Americans who have come there, and are likely to make a good speculation of it. This subject of the Americans coming in numbers to our coast has given rise already to a question of some importance, namely, whether it is in our power to prevent them whaling on our coasts, bays, &c. I am reading some works in order to glean what information I can on the subject. One cantankerous settler at King George's Sound called upon the captain of a man of war, which touched there, to interfere and drive the Americans off. The captain doubted his authority, and said he would consult the Admiral, &c. In the meantime this very man has formed a very advantageous sort of whaling connection with the Americans, and I dare say would now be sorry if he were disturbed. When will our own countrymen or our British Government open their eyes to our importance? This may be a good means of doing it. There is to be a ball in commemoration of the establishment of the colony on Thursday next, the 1st June; and, in the day time, rustic games, races, soaped tails, &c.

Monday.—It is not long since I killed and salted down a pig of 170lbs., and already it is almost finished. It is well there are so many sheep in the colony fit to be killed this year, for there has not been a barrel of beef or pork in it for a long time; the supply will barely keep pace with the demand, even with the importations; but every year we improve.

Tuesday.—Very heavy rain last night. I was roused by the making of its way down into the room beside the chimney, so I lighted a candle and read the law of fisheries, &c., for some hours, by way of a soporific.

June 3rd.—Just returned from Perth. There have been great doings there this week. A sort of fair, and games, and races were held on the 1st of June, in commemoration of the