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history which make it more to be deplored that he was cut off just now. He was a son of Colonel Creagh, of Limerick.—Wheat has become very scarce again. The price is now 16s. a bushel.


October 12th.—I am really ashamed and afraid of the length of this letter. Our sessions were held at the beginning of this month. The only cases for trial were those of three natives for theft and housebreaking; two were sentenced to seven years' transportation, and one to six months' imprisonment. The Governor wishes me to go to York and have a palaver with the natives there, and I start to-morrow on that errand. J—— is going also to get the sheep shorn. I have got about two bales of wool from my sheep here, and I expect about six or seven from those over the hills. I saved the life of a native to-day. Having got intimation that it was intended to kill a lad who was on his way from Perth to this place, I saddled a horse and galloped after the boy, and just arrived in time to prevent mischief. [N.B.—This was "Garbung," a lad, the son of Derharp, who was sentenced to transportation. No charge against the boy]. I took him to York, where he had lived before. They are a singular race. A young woman has been severely speared near this, but is still alive.—I came up here to-night in two hours and five minutes. Sold two steers to-day at £15 each, and ten wethers at 31s. each.

October 22nd.—Returned this day from York, having ridden from what we call the Half Way House (27 miles), in about 4 hours. Irwin and Lieut. Mortimer and Mr. Wells went over at the same time. The news spread like wildfire among the natives there, that Mr. Moore had come to make peace, and many of them came to me at York, and I had a great palaver, which my limits will not allow me to detail. "Governor wongay yahi keenyak" (the Governor says he is satisfied), was the burthen of my glad tidings to them. You must be satisfied with this brief outline. I took Garbung, the native