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moth have been subject to a similar affection, something like stings of nettles, which turn to small itchy blisters; some are more subject to it than others. It was supposed to be from bites of flies, but I think it proceeded from some hairy exuviæ of the moths, which produce irritation like cowage.

June 5th.—On Monday last was held or commemorated the anniversary of the foundation of the colony. There were races, a regatta, dinners, balls, &c., &c. The Governor also had a party at dinner, and we went thence to the ball.

June 7th.—I have made an entry this evening in my books, which, I should think, is the first of the kind in the colony. It is this: "Hired Thomas Gear (a native boy) at 10s. a month, 1st June." This is the boy Tunagwert, the son of Gear of whom I have often spoken. He desires wages now to clothe himself, as I have hitherto clothed him. Mr. Preiss, the naturalist, has found over the hills a species of jerboa. I had often heard the natives speak of it by the name of daddaar, as abounding in the interior. It is abundant in the steppes of Tartary. Its shape is like a kangaroo, but more delicate and graceful, and scarcely so large as a squirrel. It has cost me about £45 for threshing wheat this year. I have been thinking very much about going home, and perhaps you will be glad to hear that I have "sounded" the Governor, and he is not averse to it if I can make arrangements with Nash or any one else to fill my place. It is odd that though I did this three or four days ago, I could not bring myself to tell you of it till now, from fear that I should not accomplish it. It is in suspense yet, you see; but I have not disburthened my mind so far.


June 29th.—My last to you went off, I hope, on Thursday last, by the Prima Donna, going, I believe, by Batavia. It is probable that the next opportunity will be by the troop ship, the Runnymede, on her voyage to Calcutta, direct from Sydney. I have not yet seen any of the officers, so I know