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Il-yan, part.—Obscured, as a track, or steps, which one is desirous of following up; also as a person's voice may be drowned or obscured, by others talking purposely loud, and hindering what is said from being heard.

Il-yanok—Local name of one of the family denominations.

Inbi, s.—A species of Unio; the fresh-water muscle.

Indat, ad.—Together; in company.

Indi, pron.—(Vasse dialect.) Who; the same as Ngando.

Initch—(K.G.S.) A brilliant fire.

Injal, ad.—A form of Winjal; where.

Injar, a.—Dry; parched up.

Injarăn, v.—Pres. part., Injarannin; past tense, Injaranaga. To make dry.

Injarănăn, v.—To dry up.

Inji, ad.—A form of Wingi; where.

Inji s.—The peeled ornamental sticks worn by the natives at the Yallor, or native dance.

Inyene, ad.—(Vasse.) Here.

Ira, a.—Upright; upwards.

Ira, ad.—Up. Applied to going to a place, "up the country."

Irab, v.—Pres. part., Irabin; past tense, Irabin. To arise; to get up. Compounded of Ira, upright, and Abbin, to become.

Irap, v.—Arise; get up.

Ira-yugow, v.—Stand up.

Ira-yugowin, s.—The lower teeth; so called from their standing upright. Compounded of Ira, upright, and Yugowin, standing.

Irilbarra, s.—Ice. Glass is now so called.

Iring-win, part.—Frowning.

Irodu. s.—Nyroca australis. White-winged duck.

Irrgo. s.—A small white bivalve shell; used by the natives for sharpening their spears when they cannot procure glass.


Jadam, ad.—(Vasse) Hard; dry.

Jakkăl-yakkăl, s.—Plyctolophus Leadbeteri. Pink-crested cockatoo. There is generally abundance of salt in the districts frequented by these birds.

Jandu, s.—Halisæëtus canorus. Little eagle.

Janjin, s.—Xylomela occidentals. The native pear-tree. It bears a thing which looks provokingly like a good fruit; but is merely a hard solid woody substance, which when ripe splits open, and lets drop out a small thin winged seed.

Jeran, v.—Pres. part., Jeranin; past tense, Jeranagga. To tear; to separate violently; to sunder.