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not get them till late, and put them in by the light of a beautiful moon. Do you take an interest in the daily labour of my garden? I hope you do, for to me it is a source of great interest and amusement. This morning I sent for my cows: the men could not succeed in bringing them, I went myself and brought the older one, and afterwards returned for the younger: I believe James and I never had so hard a piece of work in our lives; she was wild beyond belief; actually knocked him down twice, and ran at me. We got her home through the river, put her into a pen, and there she shall stay till she is tamed.

31st.—Some officers of the Nimrod paid me a visit; they had not long gone when two others came; and shortly after they had left me, a boat full of company hailed us in passing. I called on Mrs. Shaw when the family were at dinner, and sat down and stayed till the moon rose; returned about nine o'clock. Got from Mr. Breckman's gardener some onion and carrot seeds, and sowed them in the garden, which is now pretty well filled. My peas are above ground, and all the seeds I brought with me have kept pretty well. Most lovely weather! when is this dreaded winter to come? I feel like one that holds in his breath, and collects his force to resist a shock; making every preparation against the winter; but though this is the last day of May,[1] it has been as warm as your May when you have sunshine. The mornings and evenings are cool; yet here I am, sitting with doors and windows open, feeling no cold, and not even once having a fire in my room. The thermometer is now 63° (eight o'clock in the evening). It is a delightful climate; would to God we were all settled together!—but I always check myself from saying much on this subject, until I shall have been here a full year. Those who are fond of the gaieties of a town life would not be reconciled to this place, but I greatly enjoy the quiet and peace of mind with which I am favoured.

  1. The reader should remember that May is a winter month in Australia.