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you. Some complain of rheumatic tendency as a consequence of it: unaffected by it I have been rambling about on my back grounds without seeing any living thing except a solitary quail, which I did not shoot;—game frequents swampy land, and I have none such on my back ground. This easterly wind already causes a parched appearance in the soil. Thermometer 62°, yet I have had a fire all day.

3rd.—This morning has been very warm. I shot a duck, and without hesitation jumped into the water after him: I have him, and shall eat him for supper; but without peas, which are only now coming into blossom. A moderate shower has already revived our drooping plants, and caused an agreeable change in the weather. I have found a new plant like a single wall-flower, but without perfume; and also a beautiful frog mottled with bright green—it is already in my bottle of preserves for my dear sisters. Some of the day was passed in garden operations, among which transplanting cabbages, preparing for Indian corn, melons, and cucumbers, were the principal. I have one almond and five orange trees, growing very well.

4th.—Last night there were strong symptoms of winter vivid lightning and cannonading peals of thunder, followed by heavy rain, which continued almost all the succeeding day; however, we had our in-door occupations. Johnny mended his shoes; James made a mud floor in the centre room, while I was building up one of the compartments which had been left unfinished until bad weather, such as we have just had, should confine us to the house, and in-door occupations.

Our building operations would be more facilitated, if we could procure stone; but there is none on the land here not even a pebble to be flung at a bird; a benevolent action, in which from old habit, I frequently feel a desire to indulge. My tools are suited to the nature and extent of my establishment; every thing in this way which I brought with me is useful; and grubbing hoes, which I did not bring,