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That these gentlemen should have arrived here at this critical period, when the climate is delicious, is considered a fortunate circumstance for the colony.

5th.—The Cruizer goes on Wednesday to Trincomalee, and I shall send my letter by her; when you may get it, God alone can tell; but I shall go on as before, connecting as well as I can my very rambling journal, in which I scribble down every thing as it occurs–slapdash. Thinking of home gives me strange sensations; where is my home now?***

I am living at Captain Irvine's new house (a large brick one, with two stories and a tiled floor), which has been pretty well filled of late; its occupants being Lord F. Beauclerk, Captain Pickering, Mr. Gilbert, Dr. Littleton, the Messrs. Burgess, and myself. We hear of two vessels coming to England. I hope you have written, and perhaps sent me some shoes: for I am almost barefooted.

Yours ever,