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Lennard's brook, which at once struck us all as being the Avon. This we had much difficulty in crossing, as it is deep and strong in current, but we walked through it three or four miles higher up the river. Rich grasses grow on the lands here.

Two natives, immediately succeeded by others, joined us in a friendly way, but we did not think it wise to eat in their presence, especially as they seemed very desirous that we should waive all ceremony and do so; we cannot well understand them yet; on seeing us prepare to depart, they called to others, who came in groups, until they amounted to twenty-eight merry looking fellows, who accompanied us in a friendly manner for some miles; one of them begged for a few hairs of my horse's mane, which he seemed to prize exceedingly. These people appeared to have painted themselves fresh for the visit; and if we could judge from their anxiously pointing in a particular direction, they invited us to take a lunch at their village; however, we went in a line precisely opposite. Soon afterwards, finding ourselves perplexed in the mazes of a swamp, we began to think that we should have taken their advice, and that the exclamation of "Bogh" was kindly meant to indicate some bridge or ford higher up; at last, however, we got out of the swamp; crossed a sandy country; saw many tracts of natives; halted at a good grassy stream; drank tea, and went to sleep.

8th.—Continued our progress at a rapid pace over a plain of white clay, which produced white and red gum trees; halted, and refreshed ourselves at Ellen's brook; broiled our slices of pork at the fire on the end of a long stick; forward again; had a view of a limestone vein two miles broad, and dined at Mr. Bull's, where I met Mr. Macleod of the 63rd, and several other gentlemen; at night Messrs. Dale and Mackie accompanied me to my own habitation, where I once more got into bed with my clothes off, for the first time during six weeks; and will you believe that I did not sleep half as well this night, as when I had been stretched on