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«The name of the language and its identity should not be used in meaningless controversies nor exploited for any cultural, social or political issues, since that only attributes to the lack of cohesion between speakers, hampers attempts to promote the use of the language and obstructs its generalised use.»

«The diversity of terms for designating Valencian should not be used for projecting a fragmented image of the linguistic system which we Valencians share with other regions. Initiatives adopted by public authorities to spread Valencian beyond our linguistic area are fully recognised by the AVL. These initiatives should always guarantee the dissemination of our unique linguistic characteristics while respecting

conceptual and denotative criteria of integration.»

Moreover, point 5 of this declaration describes the coming of a more detailed and precise resolution on the aforementioned issues, while in point 6 the AVL asked «to be consulted by public institutions when passing laws or undertaking initiatives on Valencian concerning those areas which are the legal jurisdiction of the AVL».

By virtue of the preceding, in accordance with articles 4, 7.c and 7.d of Law 7/1998 of 16 September of the Generalitat Valenciana (the Valencian regional government) concerning the creation of the Acadèmia Valenciana de la Llengua (Valencian Academy of the Language), the plenary session of the AVL, in the meeting held on 9 February 2005,


To prescriptively approve the Resolution Concerning Principles and Criteria for Protecting the Name and Identity of Valencian, as attached.

To publish it, as laid down in Article 26 of Law 7/1998, in the Diari Official de la Generalitat Valenciana

the official Gazzette of the Valencian regional government) for the purposes covered in Article 5 of said law.
To communicate its contents to the Valencian government and to the Valencian parliament.
To send it to the Spanish government, to the Chamber of Deputies and to the Senate, as well as to the normativeinstitutions of all other languages used within the Spanish State.
To disseminate it among Valencian society, especially in universities and all other institutions working on fostering the Valencian language.