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In the present volume of the Second Supplement, which is designed to furnish biographies of noteworthy persons dying between 22 Jan. 1901 and 31 Dec. 1911, the memoirs reach a total of 557. The contri- butors number 177. The caUings of those whose careers are recorded may be broadly catalogued under ten general headings thus :

Administration of Government at home, in India, and the colonies 68

Army and navy 39

Art (including architecture, music, and the stage) ... 75

Commerce and agriculture 17

Law 26

Literature (including journalism, philology, and philosophy) . 132

Religion 51

Science (including engineering, medicine, surgery, exploration, and economics) 115

Social Reform (including philanthropy and education) ... 24

Sport 10

The names of twenty-eight women appear in this volume on account of services rendered in art, Uterature, science, and social or educational reform.

Articles bear the initials of their writers save in a very few cases where material has been furnished to the Editor on an ampler scale than the purpose of the undertaking permitted him to use. In such instances the Editor and his staff are solely responsible for the shape which the article has taken, and no signature is appended.

  • ,* In the lists of authors' publications only the date of issue is appended to the titles

of works which were published in London in 8vo. In other cases the place of issue and size are specified in addition.

Cross references are given thus : to names in the substantive work [q. v.] ; to names in the First Supplement [q. v. Suppl. I] ; and to names in the Second and present Supplement [q. v. Suppl. II].