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212 ii 26 Donaldson, John W. : after overwork. insert By his first wife Donaldson had two sons and two daughters, and by his second wife, Louisa, daughter of John Rawlins, he had three daughters.
31 for poetry read philosophy
214 i 33 Donaldson, Sir Stuart A.: after success. insert He was a liberal and vainly contested Harwich in 1860.
ii 34-35 Donaldson, Thomas L.: for in 1864 read in 1863-4
215 i 25 Donaldson, Walter: for Lamb read L'Amy
220 i 29 Donkin, Sir Rufane S. : for afterwards read in 1839
221 ii 27-30 Donn, Benjamin: for He was there on 30 Nov. 1773 .... ten guineas a year. read A successor as librarian was appointed 27 March 1773.
222 ii 7 Donne, Sir Daniel: after courts. insert In 1601 he became M.P. for Taunton.
228 i 33-41 Donne, John: for and when the case of the divorce .... never will be. read But there is no ground whatever for the statement that Donne took an active part as an advocate for the nullity of the marriage when the case of the divorce of the Countess of Essex from her husband came on; the legal tractate by ‘Dr. Donne’ in support of the nullity, which still exists in manuscript (Hist. MSS. Comm. 8th Rep. pt. iii. p.22b), was by Sir Daniel Donne [q. v.], the dean of Arches, one of the commissioners for the trial of the divorce case.
229 i 27 for Spanish Marriage, i. 277 read Hist. of England, iii. 300
ii 13 for installed read elected
24f.e. for Spanish Marriage, ii. 133 read Hist. of England, iv. 347
16f.e. for Edward read Edwin
10f.e. for i. 211 read iii. 161
233 i 25 for Foster read Forster
235 i 34 Donne, William B.: for till his death read till 1874. He died
ii 18f.e. Donovan, Edward: for 1798 read 1768
238 ii 22-23 Dopping, Anthony: for These letters patent contained an unusual clause, read which directed, in accordance with the practice of the diocese,
245 i 5f.e. Dormer, James: for was envoy read was in June 1725 sent as envoy
4f.e. omit about 1727-8
249 ii 23-19 f.e. Dormer, Sir Robert: for Next year he was elected for Banbury .... confirmed 13 March. read (It was John Dormer, not Sir Robert, who was elected for Banbury in 1780 on a double return.)
18f.e. for then read on 10 Dec. 1701
250 i 22f.e. Dornford, Joseph: for college read university (1830-1)
15f.e. for 1844 read 1847
14f.e. for an honorary canon read prebendary
254 i 17f.e. Doubleday, Edward: for He also wrote read It was his brother Henry Doubleday [q. v.] who wrote
258 i 17f.e. Doughtie, John: for in 1672, read on 25 Dec. 1672,
259 i 36 Douglas, Alexander H., 10th Duke of Hamilton: for 1803 read 1802
281 i 19f.e. Douglas, Archibald (fl. 1568): after married insert in 1577
285 i ii 7 14 Douglas, Archibald, Earl of Ormonde: for Ormonde read Ormond
288 ii 21 Douglas, Charles, 3rd Duke of Queensberry: for the second duke read James Douglas, second duke (1662-1711) [q. v.]
300 i 21-22 Douglas, Sir Howard: for In 1823 he was appointed read From 1823 to 1831 he was
ii 20 for 1846 read 1847
301 i 10 for 1814 read 1815
11 for 1821 read 1840
15 after G.C.M.G. insert in 1835
322 ii 24 Douglas, Lord James (1617-1645): for James read John
328 ii 22f.e. Douglas, James, 4th Duke of Hamilton: for On the conclusion read Before the conclusion
331 ii 35 Douglas, James, 14th Earl of Morton: for Home read Hume
332 i 2-1 f.e. Douglas, Sir James (1703-1787): for for many years read from 1764 to 1768
334 i 19-18 f.e. Douglas, Sir James D.: for was appointed quartermaster-general in Scotland, read was deputy quartermaster-general in Scotland from 1815 to 1822 and in Ireland from 1825 to 1830.