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108 i 9-11 Adams, William (1814-1848): omit There is . . . century
7-6f.e. Adams, William (1772-1851): for a descendant read of the family
111 ii 22 Adamson, John: for Quillanan read Quillinan
115 i 39 Adamson, Patrick: for Anglicanæ read Scoticanæ
116 i 13 Addington, Anthony: for commoner read scholar
14 after school add 1758
117 i 8f.e. Addington, Henry, 1st Viscount Sidmouth: for 1783 read 1784
119 ii 23f.e. after ally insert He was at first lord privy seal, becoming afterwards lord president of the council
120 ii 7f.e. for 1833 read 1836
121 i 6 after person insert He was high steward of Westminster from 1813 till his death
122 i 27 Addison, John: for 1753 read 1793
124 ii 28 Addison, Joseph: after friends insert From 1704 to 1708 he was a commissioner of appeals and for 1706 read 1705
32 for 1707 read 1706
34 for Elector of Hanover read Electoral Prince, afterwards George II
125 ii 45 after speaking insert He was M.P. for Cavan borough in the Irish parliament 1709-1713
132 i 5f.e. Addison, Lancelot: for afterwards read in 1678
135 ii 15 Adela: for Poitou read Ponthieux
136 ii 34 Adelaide, Queen Dowager: for Lord Melbourne's read Lord Grey's
137 ii 9f.e. Adeliza of Louvain: omit ? after 1151
138 i 8-7f.e. for 23 March .... and read 24 March 1151 (Ann. of Margam) and
140 ii 20f.e. Adolphus Frederick, Duke of Cambridge: for 1842 read 1825
142 i 4-3f.e. Adolphus, John L.: for received .... attorney-general read became solicitor-general
2f.e. after Durham insert 1855
155 i 4f.e. Ælfred, King: for 871 read 878
164 i 12f.e. Ælfric, called Bata: omit (or the bat)
ii 13 sqq. f.e. Ælfric, Grammaticus: The suggested identification of Ælfric the grammarian with Ælfric, archbishop of York, is confuted in Dr. E. Dietrich's elaborate account of the former in Niedner's ‘Zeitschrift für Historische Theologie,’ 1855, xxv., pp. 487-594, and 1856, xxvi., pp. 163-256. Cf. Ælfric's ‘Lives of Saints,’ ed. by Prof. Skeat, Early Engl. Text Soc., 1881-1900
166 i 9 for St. George read St. Gregory
ii 38 Ælfric (d. 1051): For the use of puttock in the sense of kite cf. Shakespeare's ‘2 Hen. VI,’ Act iii. Scene 2, lines 191-3
171 ii 26 Affleck, Sir Edmund: after blue insert He was M.P. for Colchester from 1782 till his death, and was a supporter of Pitt
176 ii 41 Aglionby, Edward: after 1544 insert He was M.P. for Carlisle 1552-3
178 i 13f.e. Agnew, Sir Andrew (1793-1849): for Kinsale read Kingsale
2f.e. after former' insert In 1837 he was conservative M.P. for the Wigton boroughs and after third election insert for Wigtonshire
180 ii 39 Agutter, William: after Agutter insert who had leanings towards the doctrines of Swedenborg
181 ii 2f.e. Aidan: for Dalraida read Dalriada, and so through article
184 ii 17 Aikin, Arthur: omit at his brother's house
188 i 14 Ainger, Thomas: for 1861 read on 19 Feb. 1859
15 omit honorary
27 Ainslie, George Robert: for general read lieutenant-general
10f.e. for in 1813 read in June of the same year
l.l. after promoted insert in 1813
ii 2 after employment insert He became lieutenant-general in 1825
189 i 24 Ainslie, Sir Robert: for 1804 read 1812
190 i 15f.e. Ainslie, Robert: after Dunse insert Berwickshire
14f.e. after father insert Robert Ainslie (1734-1795) and after Douglas insert Sir Whitelaw Ainslie [q. v.] was his brother
ii 20 after 1838 insert He and his brother Whitelaw married sisters, the daughters of Col. James Cuninghame, of Balbougie, Fifeshire.


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