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Dictionary of National Biography



N.B.— f.e. stands for from end and l.l. for last line

Page Col. Line  
13 ii 9 Forster, Edward (1769-1828) : for Somerville Aston read Aston Somerville
15 ii 10-12 Forster, Johann G.A.: for for some years teacher . . . .in a school in Warrington read from 1768 tutor of French, German, and natural history in the Warrington academy
17 i 33-34 Forster, John: for In the December of that year Charles Lamb died; read He was soon a close friend of Charles Lamb.
18 ii 5 for 2 Feb. read 1 Feb.
24 ii 7-5 f.e. Forster, William (1784-1854): for daughter of Mr. Buxton . . . . Joseph John Gurney [q. v.] read daughter of Thomas Fowell Buxton of Earl's Colne, Essex, and sister of Sir Thomas Fowell Buxton [q. v.].
25 ii 21 for aged 70 read aged 69
50 i 6-4 f.e. Fortrey, Samuel: for and again in Whitworth's . . . . in 1856, read in Sir Charles Whitworth's 'Scarce Tracts on Trade and Commerce, Serving as a Supplement to Davenant's Works,' 1778, and in 1856 in the Political Economy Club's 'Select Collection of Early English Tracts on Commerce' (ed. McCulloch),
54 i 20 Foster, James: for Joseph Hallet, sen. read Joseph Hallet (d. 1722).
26 for Joseph Hallet, jun. read Joseph Hallet (d. 1722)
86 i 2-1 f.e. Fowler, Edward : for Glanvil's Saducismus read Glanvill's Sadducismus
89 i 8 f.e. Fowler, William (fl. 1603): after poet, insert son of Thomas Fowler (d. 1590), executor to the Countess of Lennox, Arabella Stuart's grandmother (cf. E.T. Bradley [Mrs. A. Murray Smith], Life of Arabella Stuart, 1889 passim)
91 i 10-11 Fowns, Richard : for Stoke Severn read Severn Stoke
112 i 5 f.e. Fox, Charles Richard: for 1831 read 1835
113 ii 34-35 Fox, Edward: for the hospital read the mastership of the hospital
124 i 17 f.e. Fox, Henry, 1st Baron Holland: for 26 Nov. read 16 Dec.
126 i 24 Fox, Henry R. V., 3rd Lord Holland: for 26 Dec. read 16 Dec.
19 f.e. for Lady Godfrey Webster read the wife of Sir Godfrey Webster
128 i 16 f.e. for 'Dobledo's read 'Doblado's
130 i 3 Fox, John (fl. 1676): for Calamy's Nonconf. Memorial (Palmer, 1802), read Palmer's Nonconf. Memorial (London, 1802),
132 ii 25 Fox, Luke: for iv. 331-2 read iv. 305-6
133 i 25 Fox, Robert W.: for eighty-eighth read eighty-ninth
149 ii 17 f.e. Foxe, John: for 1629 read 1630
16 f.e. for twelve read eleven
5 f.e. for 1641 read 1642
156 i 2-1 f.e. Foxe, Samuel: for A treatise on the Apocalypse dedicated to Archbishop read The Latin treatise on the Apocalypse dedicated by him to Archbishop
ii 1 for is said to have been written by him. read was written by his father.
159 ii 2 f.e. Frampton, Robert : omit about 1651
160 ii 28 for some time in the autumn of 1690. read on 1 Feb. 1690-1.