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261 ii 16 Grindal, Edmund: after Christ's College, insert where he was scholar in 1536-7,
19 f.e. for 1541 read 1551
266 ii 28 Grisoni, Giuseppe: after Cibber, insert (now at the Garrick Club)
283 ii 8 Grosvenor, Sir Thomas: for 1705 read 1705-6
307 i 20 f.e. Gruffydd ab Llewelyn: for Llewelyn read Llywelyn
322 ii 7 f.e. Guidott, Thomas: for Addit. MS. read Sloane MS.
328 i 8 Guildford, Sir Richard: for 1458 read 1485
335 i 15 f.e. Gully, James M.: for Two years read Three years
338 i 10 Gumble, Thomas: after biographer insert for some time vicar of Chipping Wycombe, Bucks (cf. Lamb MSS. Aug. 972, p. 79; Price, the King's Restauration, p. 35)
340 i 23 Gundulf: for the archbishop read the monks under the influence of the archbishop
341 i 38-39 for really belongs to the fifteenth century, read is composed of rough slabs of stone with neither inscription nor moulding to mark its age,
21-19 f.e. for It is said that a large Bible . . . . and which contained read Gundulf's Bible, formerly at Amsterdam, and more recently in Sir Thomas Phillipps's collection, contains
346 i 28 Gunning, Peter: for Lord Hatton read Lord Hatton's son
349 i 8 Gunning, Sir Robert: for xliv. 400 read 10 Rep. App. p. 400
386 ii 39-40 Guy of Warwick: omit daughter of Siward of Wallingford
387 ii 4 for Early in Edward I's reign read In 1268
394 i 31 Guyse, John: for was ordained read began to preach
32 for He was chosen assistant to read He sometimes assisted
35 for on his death soon afterwards. read in the charge 27 Sept. 1705.
ii 38 before John Conder's insert Urwick's Nonconformity in Hertfordshire, pp. 542 et seq.;
413 i 10 Haast, Sir John F. G. von: for governor-general read surveyor-general
416 i 31 Hack, Maria: for 1778? read 1777
32-33 for Chichester, Sussex, about 1778. read at Carlisle on 16 Nov. 1777. Her father was John Barton of that city; her mother's maiden name was Maria Done, and a younger brother was Bernard Barton, a friend of Charles Lamb. On 7 Nov. 1800 she married, at Tottenham, Stephen Hack, merchant of Chichester. Her eldest son, John Barton Hack, was an early settler in Adelaide; a daughter, Margaret, married T. Gates Darton, the publisher, and was author of 'The Earth and its Inhabitants.' On her husband's death she removed to Southampton, and, with some of her children joined the church of England (Athenæum, 24 Dec. 1892).
423 ii 34 Hackston, David: for Scottish read Cobbett's
424 ii 3-4 Haddan, Arthur W.: for William Henry Guillemard [q. v.] read Henry Peter Guillemard
15 f.e. for voted for read supported
435 i 7-6 f.e. Hadley, John: for In early manhood he was already skilled read He must be distinguished from an older John Hadley who was also skilled
ii 2 after granted him' insert in 1693
4 for Hadley read the younger Hadley
441 ii 2-3 Haigh, Thomas: for the overture . . . . flute read 'Lodoiska' for flute (see Clementi's Catalogue)